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See Your Bouquet Before Delivery at Gillespie Florists!

Posted by Wed, Oct 12, 2016 @ 09:05 AM


Good Service is good business.
- Siebel Ad

Gillespie Florists does many things really well, one of them is customer service. We strive for everyone who walks through our door or gives us a call to have the best experience when working with us. Always looking for new ways to improve your experience with us, we've developed a new system for you to see your order before it goes out the door! "Impossible! You're joking" some may say. But here it is, a few FAQs on what we are doing to continue our tradition of bringing quality flowers and service to your door.


Bouquet-1.jpg1. What Exactly is this Photo Service?

Picture this (no pun intended): You've called Gillespie Florists, your go-to florist. The designers have artfully designed a lovely bouquet for that special someone. Ever wonder what the final product looks like before it's delivered? Now you will know! We want our customers to see the quality we are delivering before it's delivered! We have a procedure set in place to take a photo of your order before it is sent on delivery or picked up at our store.

2. How Does it Work?

1.When you call or visit Gillespie Florists and place your order we ask     if you would like a photo of the bouquet.
2. What method you would prefer to see the photo? Text or Email?
3. Once bouquet has been designed it is taken to the photography           station where a picture is taken and then sent to you per preferred     method of either text or email.
4. The bouquet is wrapped up and sent on back to our delivery area,       ready for delivery. If the order is for pickup, we send it to our 500       sq ft cooler!


sympathy.jpg3. Are There Restrictions for This Service?

As this is a service of Gillespie Florists, it does not extend to orders being sent out of town.
This is available for Indianapolis area deliveries provided by Gillespie Florists.


4. How Much Does this Cost? 

We offer our bouquet photo service free of charge! 


5. What if I Have Multiple Bouquets in my Order?

If you are placing an order going to different locations with different bouquets, we would take a photo of each arrangement and send separately. If there are multiple bouquets ordered going to the same location with the same card attached, we would take a group photo of your order. 


Since implementing the Bouquet Photo Service in June 2015 we have received a lot of great feedback! Our customers enjoy seeing the final result and having the extra assurance their loved one is receiving a beautiful and artfully hand designed arrangement! Granted, it is one more step in the process at Gillespie Florists to complete an order but going the extra mile for our customers is what we do best and you can't put a price tag on that!

Have more questions? Please give us a call or send us an email at!




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Summer Wedding Bouquet Snapshot at Gillespie Florists

Posted by Sat, Sep 03, 2016 @ 10:32 AM


"Summertime is always the best of what might be"
- Charles Bowden

School bells have rung, trees are beginning to show their golden autumn colors; with soft cool breezes blending with the bold heat of the sun, summer is bidding us farewell for another year.

However, we are going review a few of our favorite summer wedding flowers before fall season hits head on!SummerWeddingSnapshot_small-01.jpg

As we begin preparing bouquets for fall weddings our favorite summer styles and colors from Summer 2016 are still fresh on the minds of our floral designers and wedding specialists. This collage is a small portion of many gorgeous weddings they have had the pleasure of helping prepare. Summer brides fashioned their weddings with a plethera of color combinations ranging from bold, bright and beautiful to the softest creamy vintage colors and everything in between. Plump and precious succulents were and are still on high demand while delicate hydrangea, peonies and ranunculous were never far behind. As always, what wedding season is without a decent dose of the classics such as ravishing roses and callas? The happiest flowers on earth, gerbera and sunflower, added festivie flair to rich in color wedding themes. 

The summer season can be gentle and rhythmic with colors reflecting warm days at the ocean and long walks on the beach and it can also be stunning, striking and vibrant with festivals, brilliant sunshine and fantastic voyages. Whatever the feeling and theme brides want to reflect on their summer wedding day; our staff stands up to the challenge of any color and flower comibination you dare to dream for your big day. 


Find our favorite wedding flower themes and more in our wedding collection!


Schedule a free consultation with our wedding specialist!

Contact our Wedding Specialist!

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Gillespie's Pearl, Our Flower Bulldog

Posted by Thu, Aug 18, 2016 @ 11:14 AM


Fur white as snow, eyes dark as night; 
she'll give kisses you know, 
it's our Girl Pearl, what a delight!

There's a special little lady who proudly prances around and reclines majestically from atop her pillow at Gillespie Florists...Have you seen Pearl?  If you haven't met her in person, plan a visit to meet one of the most favored ladies at our store. Till then, learn more about our queen of flowers and how she's not just a pretty pup but also a good friend when extra kisses and hugs are needed.



A Bit About Pearl

English Bull Pearl is six years old as of March 2016 with traces of Champion Marine Bull running in her lineage. Her name on the AKC papers is "Black Eye Pearl" because of the black brindle ring around her eye. Pearl's favorite toys include KONG Squeezz Jels Pig Squeaking Dog Toy and Hartz Chew 'n Clean Bounce & Bite Dog Toy, Bacon Flavor.

She loves belly rubs; her sister, Sophie; and cat-mate, Tuesday. She also enjoys turning anything into chewtoys including but not limited to: paper mache containers, empty cello tubes, boxes, carnation flower stems and water bottles. Pearl is accustomed to walking around by all the design stations to see what the staff has saved for her to play with.

While on the subject of playing; Pearl likes to feign attacks on the wheels of the dolly, trash cans, vacuum cleaner, and small carts while they are in motion. Some of her dislikes are: being denied the food you are eating; thunderstorms; and doggie friends on leashes...take the leash off however, and she is ready to play with a new pal (weird quirk, isn't it?). Last but not least is Pearl's LOVE of laying and sleeping in the sun.



Pearl Comes to Gillespie Florists

Pearl began visiting the store as a young six week old pup when her mom was concerned about her being alone for ten to twelve hours at a time. As she got older she stayed at home but had a terrible fear of storms; her sole comfort was being around people therefore her mom, Della, would bring her into Gillespie's during the height of storm season. After a couple of years (of observing Pearl's ability to avoid being underfoot and Sarah's approval) in the summer of 2012, she became the official "shop mascot". 

What does the shop mascot do? "She loves to sleep; she has her own bed in my office but will often sleep out on the showroom so she can see new customers come in" says Della. Greeting customers is an important role of shop mascot to Pearl. She spends a lot of time in the display area inspecting plants or hanging out near the office. When the doorbell rings; Pearl is eager to greet visitors with a wiggly behind and happy face. Her day is made whenever children come in with parents because she LOVES kids! Kids are more than welcome to play with our patient Pearl. She is very attentive to them, following them around the store and accepts all sorts of affection whether it be hugs, gentle ear tugs and/or playing with her toys. 


kidsnpearl.jpg(Almost) Everyone Loves Pearl

Pearl is well loved around the store; not only by the staff but also the UPS and FedEx drivers; the red carpet guy; Kevin Gregory; and last but not least, our customers! Regular visitors come in calling for her if they don't see her right off the bat. When Pearl walks in, she's greeted with lots of "hellos" and often receives little treats; just because.

99% of customers love her. Although she is not a certified therapy dog, she acts as one for staff and customers often. She is a great tension breaker when things get tough. Everyone has a bad day now and again and Pearl is always there to comfort!

"There have been many occasions where families have come in to make plans for funeral arrangments" Della mentions. "It is a difficult time, they are grieving and can barely think of what types of flowers they want. Then here comes Pearl, just doing her slow walk with those hips swinging back and forth. She comes up quietly, no licking or barking. I have seen people in tears just sit down on the floor with her to pet and hug her. She'll sit calmly and wait. Before you know it they are smiling through their tears and she's made getting through such a tough experience just a little easier." 



Gillespie's Pearl

A welcome break to the every day; helping create a positive experience to visitors and customers; stress reducer for staff; Pearl definitely wears a lot of hats as shop mascot. But it's a win/win situation as she loves all the attention she can get and we love having Pearl's "lovin", her sweet personality and smiles around the shop.

Have you met Pearl? Come by Gillespie Florists while you're picking up something special and say "Hello". She'll give you wiggles, kisses and smiles in return. 


Miss out seeing Pearl on your last visit? We've got links for you follow Pearl and her family adventures below!

Pearl on Twitter at @GillespiesPearl

Read more about Pearl and her sister Sophie here








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Handcrafted Ghyslain Chocolates at Gillespie Florists

Posted by Thu, Jul 07, 2016 @ 06:38 PM


 “All you need is love. 
But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” 
Charles M. Schulz

I agree with the great Charles M. Schulz, except let's make "now and then" more often. When you bite into your first Ghyslain Chocolate, you'll taste what I mean!

Wait a moment, we need to back up! Because before the bite comes the sight. Have you seen these beautiful works of art? The internet can only do so much for your senses. A digital picture is worth about 500 words; however when it comes to the absolute artistry of these handcrafted chocolates made in Union City, Indiana, should view these beauties in person.  If the image below hasn't piqued your interest enough to grab keys and visit Gillespie Florists immediately then let me persuade you further with an ode to these exquisite works of art which my eyes long to behold forever but my mouth will only withhold these treasures for mere moments.

Banana Foster, Pistachio Amerana, Tahitian Vanilla, Biscottino Salted Caramel...I'm drooling right now. Literally drooling. As exotic and delicious as the titles are, what lies underneath will seal the deal with a marriage of flavors such as: white chocolate infused vanilla bean; Gianduja milk chocolate ganache with carmelized hazelnut; dark chocolate center with passion fruit blend caramel; orange marmalade, dark chocolate ganache infused with Grand Marnier extract and chocolate pearls...

Am I kidding you right now? No! This is no joke, friends. Ghyslain is the real deal when it comes to superb gourmet taste and handcrafted artisan flair. 




Oh the glory of just a mere visual sampling of these tasty treasures. Waiting to be admired and relished for the mastery in both taste and design. They are so breathtaking in sight you will not want to eat Ghyslain Chocolates. But you will and you won't be able to have just one. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

Go on, prove me wrong on this. Before proof can happen a visit to Gillespie Florists is in order where we have a grand selection of Ghyslain Chocolates. Better yet, give us a call and have them delivered with a delightful bouquet to someone you love. Maybe they will say "Thank you" by sharing. Or maybe you should just order an extra box for yourself. Yes, that would be best. Love is strong but I'm not sure it can withstand the sheer magnitude Ghyslain Chocolate experience (says the person who sampled the product and *forgot* to share). 


Say "I love you" "Just Because" or "Thinking of You" today and visit our website for all the flowers in your life!

Shop Our Monthly Specials!



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Gift Ideas for Him and Where to Find Them

Posted by Fri, Jun 24, 2016 @ 03:38 PM


Birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day...these are the days which can be excruciatingly difficult for those of us who are clueless on the perfect gift for "him". You know who I'm talking about....that important guy or guys in your life.  

The only guy in my life I don't have to melt my brain creatively in the gift department is my dad. Without fail, he is most delighted with sweaters and sweatshirts. He loves receiving these from me to the point where someone compliments him on any sweater, he will say "Kelly bought it for me" when in fact, it's possible one of my other siblings did. After a few incidents they have left the sweater purchasing to me. Gifts for my dad? Done and Done. Everyone else? Oh, the agony. But never fear, I've compiled a list of gift ideas to make your next gift for him a little bit easier! 

Finding the right gift can be hard to find and if you google "gifts for him" your search is far from over! Is your gift for the great outdoorsman? Sports enthusiast? Geek? So many searches, so little time therefore let's start with a winning list with something for everyone! Dads, brothers, husbands and friends. I love's Top 100 Best Gifts for Men because it's there's a great range in price, lifestyle, age. After scanning the list I was surprised to find quite a few items that I would purchase for the guys in my life! My top three items were the The Official John Wayne Way to Grill (for the foodie); Pyle SoundBox Splash Waterproof Portable Speaker (for the music lover); and the Vivere Double Space Hammock (for the outdoorsman). Great variety and price points for a variety of lifestyles all in one list. BOOM. DONE.
Let's say DIY is your style! I know it's mine and the very first thing I do is look at my favorite pinterest boards. Sometimes going to the place with a billion pins is overwhelming therefore take a short cut to  The Art of Manliness list of DIY projects is overflowing with great ideas which you can DIY or give to him as a gift to do! I especially love the altoid tin survival kits and all the ways you can personalize it and the best beef jerky in the world because...beef jerky and I want to make it for myself post-haste! 
My three kiddos always want to take part in gifts for dad! Every once in awhile we carve out a large block of time to work on a special gift! One of our favorites is painting ceramic bowls. Breakfast time is always bonding time with dad so cereal bowls have been a big hit!
Not feeling the painting? Try one of these Kid Friendly DIY Gift Ideas from! From cute candy cards to pretty cool bicycle brake clocks there is something for everyone. I can't say my favorite on this list because it's bound to be a birthday gift pretty soon! 
Of course I'm going to mention Gillespie Florists! Flowers do not seem to be synonymous with gifts for him but have you seen what we can do? Planters or flowers for the home, office, and man cave in fun containers like jeeps, Ford trucks, sports balls and even grills! Snack baskets, gourment food baskets, stones for the garden. Send a "Just Because" surprise bouquet, just because. The kids can join in the fun, walk the red carpet and select flowers for the important guys in their life! 
Let's bring it back home. I've shared some of my favorite "For Him" lists with you as well as ideas I've personally used! These ideas serve as starting points to get you going in the right direction for the perfect gift for him. Online, hand delivered, DIY, whatever your style; as long as the gift is thoughtful and from the heart, it is sure to be a hit with him.  Happy Gifting!
Want to send some love through the language of flowers? Shop some of our favorites now!


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Meet Our Prom King & Queen For 2016!

Posted by Sat, May 21, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

DellaBadgeTag_2016.jpgA few years ago, we at Gillespie Florists thought it would be fun to have a Prom King & Queen Contest and have been having it every year since! We had some fierce competition this year! With more entrants than ever, it was exciting to see all the positive comments and "likes" from friends and family of contestants! 

Prom goers only needed to post their picture on our Facebook Place Page or they could use #GFPROM2016 on Instagram or twitter wearing our flowers! We then asked our social media followers to "Like" their favorite picture or make a positive comment about it to determine the winner. 

We tally all likes and comments from the original post from the contestant as well as the picture we post in the King & Queen album. 

We had several prom goers enter but there can be only one winner! 

And the Winner is...

Hiedi Nguyen & Paul Sanders with a total of 212 likes/comments!

Hiedi and Paul each get a $25.00 gift card to Gillespie Florists and Hiedi will be crowned with a tiara and flowers!



prom king & queen for gillespie florists 2016 #GFPROM2016

3 sweetheart rose 2 mini carnation wrist corsage & flower ring

Hiedi was wearing a three sweetheart rose & two mini carnation wrist corsage in light pinks, hot pinks and gold! She also had our very popular "Sugar Sugar" ring, made with a hot pink sweetheart rose, waxflower and gold accents!

As a Thank you, Our Runners ups will recieve a $10.00 gift card each and each girl will recieve a Sunshine bouquet! Just stop in the store, let us know you are a runner up!

Our Runner Ups are:

Antonio & Cassi Alizabeth Griffin - 148 likes/comments

Kiaa Asha & Garren Lavon Tolver - 87 likes/comments

Prom contest winners 2016 gillespie florists #gfprom2016


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New Bouquets for Mother's Day!

Posted by Sat, Apr 30, 2016 @ 06:15 PM



The art of mothering is to teach 
the art of living to children.
-Elaine Heffner

Mothering is a type of art form, isn't it? A daily, sometimes hourly balance of tasks to accomplish while caring for the ones you love and hoping the best parts of yourself are being reflected in the process.  It is a difficult balance yet we strive to keep balance every day. Dads, you do it too, we've got you on our radar! Every day is a chance to celebrate the relationships and love we have in our lives but having a few days a year to dedicate to mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, etc; doesn't hurt to send some extra special love and thanks, does it? So for Mother's Day, I am absolutely delighted at what the talented floral designers at Gillespie Florists have artfully crafted for our Mother's Day collection this year. Just like our mothers, these bouquets are works of art and I adore how they reflect the nature of mom in her many different forms.




1. Pastel Treasures


A terrific trio of goodness found in vintage bud vases! These small arrangements make a lovely combination centerpiece, placed individually throughout the room! Soft pastel colors in a few of our favorite flowers including gerbera daisies, waxflower, roses, snap dragons, seeded eucalyptus and mini-carnations! If the special lady in your life loves simple and sweet; she will enjoy Pastel Treasures. 

Giving this as a gift to represent a certain number of people? We can adjust the number of vases to suit your needs! Call 317.273.1100 or email for pricing options!





2. Butterfly Dreams

I'll admit it; I'm a sucker for butterflies, warm colors, and multi-purpose gifts. This particular design combines all these attributes in one for a most adorable bouquet! Not only do we have the beauty of fresh colorful daisies, carnations, waxflower, and alstroemeria but also the long lasting function of a quaint keepsake mug! If mom is an avid warm refreshment fan, she will appreciate this gift within a gift. 

3. Painted Hummingbird

Is it just me or do we associate delicate winged creatures with spring and love. We've covered butterflies; it's now time for our feathered friends, the hummingbirds! This bouquet reminds me of the quick flitting movements of these fairy-like birds. Fuji Mums reflect the needle thin beaks dipping searching for nectar. The fine Bear grass and airy nature of limonium filler and floral design is like catching a glance of the hummingbird before it disappears. 
Soft pink hues and demurely painted hummingbird in a keepsake vase complete this ethereal  bouquet! 

4. Azure Hauteur

Show some love on a large and elegant scale with Azure Hauteur. Tall Bells of Ireland, ornamental kale, the delicate white anemone, green mini hydrangea, green hypericum berry, purple monte casino, tinted blue limonium, spiral eucalyptus and seeded eucalyptus all artfully and tastefully arranged in a pristine blue vase. The classic appeal of this arrangement is perfect for the sophisticated lady in your life. 

5. Spring Bloomer

Spring is in full bloom when Mother's Day comes around. Help her celebrate the day and the return of warmer temps with a basket full of fresh annuals for the home or garden! These colorful plants will brighten her day till the frost bites. The seasonal availability of these blooming plants may affect the color and type of plant in thr picture but rest assured, our fine floral designers will use their special design skills to make up a lovely basket of blooms complete with ribbon and butterfly!

6. Vintage Teapot

Keepsake gifts and containers are always on trend here at Gillespie Florists! The Vintage Teapot is a prime example and perfect for Mother's Day. 
The brilliance of blue delphinium and blue cornflower paired with creamy white roses and spikey white Fuji mums and white carnations are carefully arranged in this keepsake container. A lover of tea and timeless style will enjoy this decorative bouquet. 




Find these Mother's Day bouquets and more when you visit our online collection. Want to deliver "Happy Mother's Day!" greetings in person? Stop by our store and choose flowers from our 500 sq ft cooler for a "made especially for you" bouquet or see what our designers have made fresh and ready to go in the front cooler. What better way to express gratitude and love for the important women in your life than with the beauty of flowers which reflects Mom's beauty, inside and out. 

Shop Mother's Day Bouquets!  

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Succulent Weddings

Posted by Tue, Apr 26, 2016 @ 10:43 AM


Succulents: Low maintenance; available in variety of colors, shapes, sizes; versatile; garden friendly; wedding friendly; plays well with fashion trends; and inexpensive?  Where do I sign up?

The possibilities are endless with these hardy little "fat plants" as they are sometimes referred. Desirable for their ornamental looks and hardy nature there is no telling what our creative brains will come up with next in terms of how to use these versatile flowers. Succulents are in high fashion for weddings and it's no wonder. Dress them up with sophisticated ohara roses and ranunculous or go loose leafed and airy with caspia and cabbage, there's no stopping these plants from being a bridal favorite all over the country and with our brides at Gillespie Florists! All of our wedding flowers are gorgeous and the ones which incorporate succelents are no exception! We've put together a collage of just a few of our stunning designs including these popular plants!


From soft and subtle to outstanding bold and vibrant, succelents are a lovely addition to all manner of themes and styles.
Let's not stop there, the exotic look and low maintenance appeal of succulents go further than your average wedding flowers. Go to your neighborhood dollar store, value store, favorite found object shop and pick up containers matching your theme and decorate the reception tables with these take home favors for guests. Create a long lasting impression which will add flair and interest to any home and/or garden! This is just one of hundreds of ideas on succelent incorporation into weddings. Just check your favorite idea collecting website (you know which one I'm talking about...i bet you have hundreds of pins to prove it too!).

There are many pros to utilizing succelents in weddings! Low maintenance; variety of sizes, shapes and colors; year round availability; low cost and versatile. Thinking of incorporating them into your wedding? Give us a call today and schedule a free consultation with our wedding specialist!


Contact our Wedding Specialist! WEDDING COLLECTION

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New Prom Corsages at Gillespie Florists

Posted by Thu, Mar 24, 2016 @ 12:13 PM


We do not remember days; we remember moments. 

~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand



Ahh memories...those moments in time you will never forget. Prom Night is all about unforgettable moments whether they be romantic, comical, dramatic, amazing, fun, crazy, silly, catastrophic, and lastly, epic. However your dream Prom is remembered is completely up to you. How your evening begins? We have a menagerie of materials and florals to start this magical night with sparkle, shine, and all things divine.

Speaking of divine, our floral designers have been hard at work with fresh new creations for Prom Night 2016! Metallics, shimmer ribbons, glitter, rhinestones and all your favorite shiny decorations are back along with a generous element of texture. Popular prom dresses this season are simply smooth and chic which means it's time to accessorize your ensemble with a glamorous corsage! Latest trends are letting Nature take its' course with succulents and greenery in high demand. Think tropic and exotic with colorful orchids, feathers, and striking blue thistle. Even our boutonnieres are going above and beyond with makeovers to match their corsage counterparts. 


Are you feeling the "Wow" factor? Amazed? Have we taken your breath away? Just think! The above corsage collage is a minor sampling of everything Gillespie Florists has to offer for an extraordinary Prom Night!

Ready to get started on your dream corsage? Visit our Prom Night collection online for great ideas and come into our store to view our prom materials and supplies! Our knowledgable prom specialists can help with questions, colors and special requests. Prom season is here; get started now!



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Behind St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Fri, Mar 18, 2016 @ 07:53 AM



"May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks. May your heart be as light as a song. May each day bring you bright, happy hours. That stay with you all the year long."



March is the time of things going green! I'm not talking about recycling unless we're talking in terms of joining Ireland in celebrating their patron saint, St. Patrick, on March 17th. It's a time of happiness, joy, comraderie, and all things green including the White House fountain. Ever wonder why March 17th was delegated for St. Patrick? Why do we wear green? What are popular traditions? Let's check out the history together!




Feast of St. Patrick
In Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig
, "the Day of the Festival of Patrick", is a religious and cultural celebration on the death date, March 17, of the most well-known patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Okay...So who is he? Patrick's birth origin is believed to be in Roman Britain on March 17, (around)390 AD, with the name Maewyn Succat. He was kidnapped as a child by pirates, sold to slavery and sent to tend sheep on Slemish mountain, Co Antrim, Ireland. During his six year stint he "found God" and dreamt God told him to go to the shore where there would be a ship waiting to take him home. Patrick escaped and was believed to have met up with his parents and then went on to become a priest. He answered God's call to return to Ireland and spent over twenty years converting people to Christianity; setting up churches and schools; developed a native clergy; cultivated the growth of monasticism, established dioceses, and held church councils. After many years of service, St. Patrick died on March 17th, 493. (Disputed) Some of the legends associated with St. Patrick include the use of a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity and driving all the venomous snakes in Ireland to the sea with a curse from God. 





Sounds like St. Patrick did many things for the folks of Ireland is it any wonder they wanted to celebrate his life? The Roman Catholics started the holiday in honor of their patron saint but the day has grown in popularity and eventually turned into a secular celebration of Irish culture and tradition. Traditional St. Patrick's Day celebrations began as church services, banquets, and dances and more commonly parades and festivals. In relation to church services, Lenten restrictions of eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day. There is also "Irish Language Week", during the week of St. Patrick where more effort is made to use the Irish Language.  I had assumed St. Patrick's Day parades started over in Ireland but actually they began in North American around the 18th century and made it over to Ireland by the 20th century. Donning the color green and shamrocks is popular everywhere, including local rivers, canals and beverages.



DSC_7475.jpgShamrocks and Going Green
Why all the green and shamrocks? It was said that St. Patrick used shamrocks to illustrate examples of the Holy Trinity. The three leaves symbolize the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Shamrock was also associated with the earth and assumed by druids to be symbolic of the regenerative powers of nature. Whatever the reason, today you may hear terms such as "wetting the shamrock" which means going out for a drink to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  While "drowning the shamrock" with a pint of beer you may notice your beverage of choice is green for the day.  Green symbolizes hope, growth, rebirth, and all good things. The color was prominent in the 1600s during a short period of Confederate Ireland when Catholic noblemen and clergy took control of most of the country. Later on in the 19th century, green returned to represent the rise of Irish nationalism and republicanism in the 19th century. Most likely the color green was chosen to set Ireland apart from the traditional colors of red and blue associated with the United Kingdom. Hmm...there's some green eggs and ham for thought! Irish pride or simply St. Patrick's Day celebrating; sporting a shamrock or rockin' some green is a great choice on March 17th, especially if you don't want to get pinched!

Legends of St. Patrick, stories of shamrocks and why we wear green; these are just a few of the traditions and icons surrounding St. Patrick's Day. We covered leprechauns right here and will certainly have more to explore another time. Till then, have a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day!

Click below to add refreshing colors of green and springtime to your home, office, and more! 


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