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Valentines Day on Monday, February 14th, 2022

Posted by Fri, Jan 21, 2022 @ 12:42 PM

kprofile_Badge-01-01Friends! February 14th, also known as the popular Valentine's Day, is coming up quick! We want you to have the opportunity to order the perfect custom arrangement you've been thinking about for your beloved. As one of the busiest times of the year approaches we have already been planning our schedules, purchasing product and putting together gorgeous floral designs. 

The closer to February 14th, the more orders we receive for Valentine's Day until our fabulous and hard-working floral designers are completely booked. It's a blessing to be busy and we are working with diligence to fulfill all the orders we receive for this special day. On that note we want our valued customers to be aware that our website will have very limited product for placing orders starting on Friday, February 9th, which is why we have incorporated a We have a couple of promo codes this year to help your Valentine's Day experience be pleasant, smooth and worry-free! 






The early bird gets all the kisses and the early order is guaranteed a spot in our custom designed and delivered for the holiday. 
Use Promo Code "LOVEEARLY" for FREE DELIVERY ($10.95 Value)
from Friday, February 11th through Sunday, February 13th.
Celebrate your valentine all weekend with this great promo.

Please note $50 Minimum on product and this offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit one offer per order.









Who doesn't love an adorable, soft and cute plush with their flowers? This promo is super easy to do. Place your order by Wednesday, February 9th for a Free Plush ($10.95 Value)
Use Promo Code "FREEPLUSH" to redeem this special.

Please note $50 Minimum on product and this offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit one offer per order.





Although our website will have limited product starting Friday, February 11th, you can absolutely come visit us at our store any day of the week for freshly designed floral arrangements, hand-wrapped bouquets, chocolates, gifts, balloons and more. Check out our Take-Out Specials below.


So many awesome promos, specials and more to make this Valentine's Day very memorable for a Monday!
Click below to place your order today!

Valentine's Day Flowers

Looking for flowers and gifts not related to Valentine's Day while our website is carrying limited products? Call us at 317.273.1100 and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives to place an order!


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The Sale Before Christmas

Posted by Fri, Dec 17, 2021 @ 04:17 PM


We're back for another sale right before Christmas! Add the finishing touches to your home and Christmas gifts with items at our store.
Shop local with Gillespie Florists for great discounts on these seasonal items.

Sale Starts Saturday, December 18th, 2021 and runs through End of Business Friday, December 24th, 2021.


What kind of items will you find at our sale? Check out all the gifts we have in the store by watching this sweet video below! Christmas ornaments, silk flowers, keepsakes, candles, plush, music boxes, angels, chocolates and more. Only items in the store not on sale are our fresh plants including poinsettias and Christmas Cactus however they are still available for purchase!
We'll just go ahead and note that the adorable bulldog, Minnie, in the video is not for sale either. But she is pretty cute, isn't she?
If you're looking for last minute gifts, this is the place to be.

Come see us today.

75% off plush

50% off Christmas

75% off select Christmas (50% off tree)

25% off any other everyday gift items, silks, candles or merchandise

Sale Excludes: Any Fresh Flowers, Any Plants
Any Serviced Product (no changes to existing product- as is condition)
Sale items cannot be delivered. Restrictions may apply. All Sales Are Final.

Don’t forget to ask about our Fresh Flower take out specials!

Questions? Call 317.273.1100




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Christmas Wreath Traditions

Posted by Sat, Dec 04, 2021 @ 10:39 AM


"Symbolizing eternal hope, the wreath goes 'round and 'round, And where it starts or ends cannot be found. Woven of things that grow - for life, and hung for holiday delight. The wreath must be left in place from Advent through Twelfth Night."  
- Author unknown


You know the when: whenever Christmas decorations show up in the aisles of your favorite watering holes there are bound to be wreaths available for purchase. Perhaps there's one in storage up in the attic which has been dusted off and hung outside your door? Do you know the WHY? Why use a wreath? I'm sure I've learned the reason back in the day and haven't committed it to long term memory. Thank goodness for internet...again! If you know the significance of wreaths during Christmas season then please enjoy a few of the ones hanging up around our shop. If now is convenient for a knowledge drop on a brief wreath history, we've got some interesting information below!


The word wreath originates from the old English word "writhen" which means "to writhe" or "to twist". Hanging of Christmas wreaths on doors began with Romans as a symbol of status in society and also a sign of victory. Wreaths were often seen as headwear also as women wore them as a sign of pride and victors of sporting events in ancient Greece were given laurel wreaths. Sprigs of laurel sound familiar? Olympic medals are engraved with them even today!

The circular shape of wreaths symbolizes eternal rebirth. What began as Pre-Christian cultures' belief of the power of evergreens to withstand harsh winters has evolved into the modern representation of eternal life and strength of Christ. Christmas wreaths in Catholic tradition are adorned with four candles - Three purple to symbolize penance and expectation, and one of pink to represent coming joy. One candle is lit each Sunday (to represent four Fridays of Advent) preceding Christmas day.  Similarly, traditional Pagan wreaths are also comprised of evergreens with four candles to represent the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water which are lit to ensure the continuance of the circle of life. In modern times the meaning of the wreath is much simpler. A sign of welcome and affirmation of holiday cheer for this season which emphasizes gathering of family, friends, and loved ones; giving; and generosity.

Strong traditions or simply for holiday celebration and cheer; a wreath of evergreens is a beautiful decoration for home, office, indoors and out-of-doors. We decorate our wreaths numerous ways from a vibrant red bow and pinecones to a delightful design using ornaments, plush, and more! A wreath is a perfect way to greet family, friends and the new year to your door!

Need to deliver Christmas cheer to someone near and dear? Check out our Christmas collection!


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Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sale 2021

Posted by Mon, Nov 15, 2021 @ 10:09 AM


Holiday Season is upon us and we are celebrating with our annual sale!
Shop local with Gillespie Florists for great discounts on seasonal items.

Sale Starts Monday, November 22nd, 2021 and runs through End of Business Monday, November 29th, 2021.



All Christmas & Fall Product 50% Off

Select Christmas 75% Off

Any Giftware 50% Off

All Silk Arrangements 50% Off

Candles 50% Off

Plush 50% Off


Don’t forget to ask about our Fresh Flower take out specials!


Sale Excludes: Any Fresh Flowers, Any Plants, Any Serviced Product 

Sale items cannot be delivered.  Restrictions may apply.

All Sales Are Final. 

Questions? Call 317.273.1100





Fall Flower Favorites

Posted by Fri, Aug 20, 2021 @ 12:50 PM


We love when fall season is in full bloom and what better way to celebrate than with our favorite flowers autumn has to offer! From the golden glow of sunflowers to the colorful selection of chrysanthemums; we have a plethora of fall flora!

We'll begin this list with a burst of the biggest blooms heralding the entrance of fall: the sunflower.


sunflowers_fallflowersSunflower is the top flower which comes to my mind when thinking of the beginning of fall season. Harvested in the late summer/early fall, there are many uses for this beautiful bloom including delicious seeds, cooking oil, and fall decorations of course!  The friendly color of sunflowers go hand in hand with what they symbolize: Loyalty, friendship, strength and adoration. Their sentimentality will brighten someones day whether it be friend, family and/or loved ones. We incorporate sunflowers in bouquets, fall decor, wedding florals and more! You can find these golden beauties in many of our favorite fall arrangements. Find a great selection here.

Chrysanthemum (Fall Mums)


Pictured above is a cushion mum in a colorful blend of burgundy and white. Mums, much like sunflowers, are a staple for our fall floral selection. These hardy, long lasting flowers are available in traditional autumn colors such as crimson, golden yellow, lavender, violet and white. Known as the "Queen of Fall Flowers", the chrysanthemum is the birth month flower of November and considered the official city flower of Chicago.
We love how these flowers can be enjoyed outdoors in the garden or incorporated in bouquets for any occasion. During early fall season we carry a large selection of mums available at our store and for delivery.  Learn more about mums and how to care for them here.


Fall Daisy


We call them fall daisies but they are actually a part of the Chrysanthemum family. Daisy chrysanthemums are a type of garden mum that you often find in our Fall and Thanksgiving arrangements. We love the pop of color and fullness they add to any bouquet. Daisy mum colors include white, yellow, red, purple, pink and orange. 


Asiatic Lily


Adding drama and elegance to the fall floral lineup is the Asiatic lily. Originally native to Asia and Europe these lilies are now grown around the globe. Asiatic lilies gorgeous blooms are available in many colors however their warm colors such as red, orange and yellow represent energy, creativity, drive and passion. As beautiful as lilies are it's important to note that most varieties of lilies are toxic to cats. If you're planning on incorporating lilies into your next fall arrangement or sending to loved ones remember to consider the recipient's furbabies!

Alstroemeria Lily


Peruvian Lily, also known as Alstroemeria lily, are known for their vibrant colors, versatility and low maintenance style. Trumpet shaped like lilies, alstroemeria sports brown freckles in their blooms and exotic appeal. Their meaning and symbolization often connect around friendship, love, strength and devotion. You can find many of their most popular colors in our 500 sq ft cooler on any given day.



Carnations are popular for all seasons! These floral chameleons of color have rich shades of burgundy, peach, red and lavender. Pictured above is an example of a more recent addition to our carnation collection in the cooler: The Moon Series. Moon Series carnations feature beautiful blended colors such as Lavender Carnation Moonlight, Dark Purple, Moon Series Purple and lavender. These stunning colors give Fall Halloween arrangements a dash of dark romance and flair.

Carnations, fall daisies, asiatic lilies, alstroemeria and sunflowers are a few of our favorite fall flowers but there's always more you can find in our store at 9255 W 10th St, Indianapolis IN and online here
See some of our favorite fall flowers in action below!


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Hanging Basket Care Tips

Posted by Wed, May 19, 2021 @ 01:37 PM

Raw_badgetag-01-1Hanging Basket Plants can be a wonderful way to decorate your porch, garden and patio. Filled to the brim with some of our favorite florals such as begonias, petunias, geranium and lush green leafy fern, ivy, philodendrom: these baskets make fantastic gifts for almost any occasion!
Here are a few quick tips about caring for your hanging basket plants so they can be enjoyed all season long! 



Watering hanging baskets is different from watering plants in the ground. Outdoors, above the ground, in the sun and the drying winds will eat up the moisture before you know it! Check your hanging basket for watering time by sticking your finger inch-deep in the soil. If it's dry, time to water! Another method is lifting the basket: feels light? Time to water!  Most hanging baskets are watered daily whereas potted/ground plants can go a few days to a week without watering. Keep in mind location of your hanging basket. Full sun during the summer may require two waterings daily. Shaded hanging baskets may vary from watering every day to every few days.


If you're reading this you may be new to plant care. As am I! The first time I heard of deadheading it didn't sound very good. However it is very good for your blooms and plants! Keep surrounding blooms fresh by pinching off the dried and dead blooms where they meet the stem. This also promotes new growth so it's a win-win! We can also add pruning to this category. Cutting back straggling and lengthy stems keep your plants looking healthy and full.


Hanging baskets need more frequent watering which means they need nutrients more often. There are a variety of options for fertilizer out there so pick what will work best for you! Slow release granules, water soluble and liquid fertilizers are among the top choices. There are plenty of DIY alternatives worth exploring on the internet as well. Moral of the story, your hanging basket flowers will thrive with consistent application of nutrients. 

Some blooming plants, when they're done, they're DONE! Remove the finished blooming plant and replace it with another or add soil instead. I like the idea of giving my mixed plants more space to grow in the basket. Room to breath and flourish. But also, more flowers, more color: sometimes I want a hanging basket exploding with colorful flowers and textures.


Lastly, sit back and relax on the porch, patio, swing, whatever you've got and enjoy the fruits (or blooms) of your labor. These are a few basic tips to get starting with hanging basket care. Information flows aplenty online so check your favorite plant sites. With a little TLC, fertilizer and LOTS OF WATER, your hanging basket will thrive. Happy planting!
Shop PlantsOur hanging baskets are seasonal however you can find fresh green plants in our store seven days a week.


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Designer's Choice Bouquets

Posted by Fri, Mar 26, 2021 @ 11:36 AM

Raw_badgetag-01-1Picture this. You need flowers, like yesterday. You hop online to to find the perfect arrangement and much to your delight there are so many choices! Your budget is set and time is of the essence, what to do? 

Calling us at 317.273.1100 is always a great option and now there is another a few clicks away:
Our Designer's Choice Bouquet.

The Designer's Choice bouquet is a top notch option when there are so many amazing bouquets to choose from. As an indecisive person myself, I appreciate having a selection which takes all the guess work out of it! I can leave it in the hands of the talented and creative professional floral designers at Gillespie Florists! They will create a unique arrangement using the freshest seasonal flowers available. Simply select your preferred price and these fantastic designers will make a one-of-a-kind bouquet you can be sure will delight! 


If you have a specific request, such as a color theme, enter your request in the Special Instructions section on the Delivery Information area upon checking out and we will do all we can to meet your needs. As an added bonus, after creating your arrangement, we will email an image of your bouquet so you know what is being sent!

Visit, give Gillespie Florists a call or order a Designer's Choice bouquet today. You're a few short clicks from having a stunning arrangement arriving at a loved one's door. 

Shop Fresh Flowers!


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Flowers! Just Because...

Posted by Sat, Aug 29, 2020 @ 02:15 PM

kprofile_Badge-01-01Pop Quiz!  When is the best time to give and receive flowers?
Birthdays? Anniversaries? 

The best time, in fact, is any time.
Why? Because. Just Because.




Because "I'm thinking of you; you're fantastic; feeling lucky to have you in my life; It's Monday; It's a day of the week ending in "day"; dinner last night was amazing; can't wait to hang out with you this weekend; you've had a hard day, a frustrating day, the best day ever, the most exciting day, or maybe just an ordinary day; there were these flowers and I knew they needed to be in your hands; I love making you smile; the kids decided your favorite color today was the lavender in these lilacs...the list goes on and on and on!






Get where we're going with this?  If you're not convinced yet, here's my personal testimony. I love getting flowers. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc, name the event and I will super appreciate having gorgeous blooms to celebrate the occasion. But what if there is no occasion and it's just another day? I'm just going about my day and I turn around and there are flowers being given to me. For no other reason than "just because" someone was thinking of me. I didn't do anything special. Didn't complete a 5k or win an award for "Mom of the Year". 

It's "just because" I'm me. It's a thoughtful gesture. An act of kindness. An unexpected gift which always makes my day brighter and adds extra smile wrinkles to my face. Which is good. We all need more smiles.




"Random flowers! What's that going to cost me, an arm and a leg?" you ask? Few stems of daisies or maybe some alstroemeria and we're set!  For the price of a grande fancy coffee which may last a couple of hours; there could be a container of refreshing floral delight for days. But don't take it from me! Go out there and ask your friends! It's a great topic of discussion and the answers may be surprising when you start asking "Why?". I did and had a broad range of responses but the top one with a strong lead was Just Because.  

Flowers are appreciated all the time; for many occasions. But it doesn't mean you have to wait for something special to share some love through the beauty of flowers. So get out there, pick up a sunshine bouquet; a single rose; a basket overflowing with daisies or whatever suits your fancy and make TODAY a special occasion. Just because.

Visit our website to send your "Just Because"

Did you know giving/receiving gifts is a language of love?
Find out more here!



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Welcome Back! Gillespie Florist is Open to the Public

Posted by Fri, May 15, 2020 @ 06:57 PM


Welcome back! After closing our showroom to the public on March 22nd we are pleased to be now open to the public once again. To keep our staff and customers safe, we will be following the guidelines required by the Mayor of Indianapolis and Governor of Indiana. We have put several measures in place for everyone to feel safe and secure as they come to back to our store.

Our store hours will remain 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 11am-3pm Sunday.
 Customers can be assured our staff will using proper guidelines by wearing mask and gloves. We will be allowing up to 10 customers in the store at a time. Our 500 sq ft cooler will be back open to the public so you can be our guest and enjoy choosing from our entire selection again. Our conference rooms are open and available for Funeral and Wedding appointments.

We will continue to offer no-contact delivery to our customers *when requested* otherwise our drivers will follow traditional delivery protocol. Curbside Service will also be available to those who request it. 

We look forward to seeing everyone back! Even though times have been uncertain we have enjoyed working together and finding new ways to keep people connected through the beauty of flowers. From everyday occasions to the most significant life events, we have been and will continue to be here for you.  #FlowersForLife

Be safe, be well and welcome back! We are in this together.

Gillespie Florists
9255 W. 10th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46234
Voice: 317.273.1100

Text: 317.509.0668

Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 3pm

Stay in touch with us via social media:



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Closing the Distance for Mother's Day with Flowers

Posted by Thu, Apr 30, 2020 @ 02:38 PM


Even when you can't be there, life still goes on. Though our showroom will continue to be closed through May 15th per requirements of the Mayor of Indianapolis and Governor of Indiana; we are still available online at and on the phone (317.273.1100) for all your floral needs.

To keep our staff and customers safe, we will be continuing to offer No-Contact delivery as well as Curbside Pickup at our store so that we may continue to be there for you and your loved ones when you need us. For No-Contact Delivery, with your permission, Gillespie Florists can connect with the recipient ahead of delivery to establish their preferences for receiving your gift.  This connection can be through text, email and/or phone. Deliveries can be left at a predetermined location (like the front or back porch), if the recipient prefers not to have face to face contact with our drivers. For customers who prefer to pick up at our store, we’re offering curb-side service. Upon arrival, you can call us at our main number and someone will bring the order directly to you. No need to leave your vehicle!

Here is a short video of FAQ's with Sarah and Della. Have questions? You can call our store, message us on Facebook and Google and even send us a text!


From everyday occasions, special occasions like Mother's Day and to the most significant life events, we have been and will continue to be here for you.  #FlowersForLife

 Be safe, be well and as always...wash your hands!

Gillespie Florists
9255 W. 10th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46234
Voice: 317.273.1100

Text: 317.509.0668

Temporary Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 3pm

Stay in touch with us via social media:



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