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Mother's Day Best Sellers at Gillespie Florists

Posted by Thu, May 11, 2017 @ 09:06 AM


"Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are."
Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Mother is definitely more than a title. It's an extremely active verb; so active I'm wondering why the calorie counting apps don't have "mom mode" as one of the cardio/strength training options. I'm certain I burned at least a hundred and twenty calories when putting the kids to bed last night...just enough to enjoy a glass of cabernet with some peace and quiet.

Enough beating around the bush, we all know why moms are a hot topic. Mother's Day is almost here and some of us are still figuring out how to say "Mom, I get it now, I love you and here's something to express my appreciation for what you've done for me. I'll try to remember to celebrate you every day but most likely I'll forget sometimes. Hopefully this will cover some of those days."  Fortunately, Gillespie Florists has quite a few top notch items with which to express some love and appreciation on Mother's Day or any day! Without further ado, here are our best sellers for day of the moms.



1. This Bouquet is absolutely Tea-licious!

This isn't a play on words. The name of the bouquet is actually Tea-licious. Because what else comes to mind when you add it all together? Intricate painted teacup + matching saucer + floral bouquet = Tea-licious. It's a lovely and winning combination of favorite things mothers love! I admit to being more of a coffee drinker but this particular bouquet has me dreaming of daintily sipping on some Sanka while watching the birds on our patio. Gillespie Florists carries a variety of decorative teacups and of course, if mom's favorite color is blue/purple/green/pink you name it, the colors can be adjusted to fit to Mom's perfect cup of tea!

2. The Sweet Scent of Candles

Just imagine walking into your home/office/living space and smelling wonderful scents such as Apple Crisp, Green Tea and Lime, Jasmine, Botanical Garden, etc. Having a soothing fragrance in the air seems like a simple thing but actually does wonders for the psyche. The right fragrance can energize the morning,destress the day, add a little bit of extra joy, and help relax into sleep mode. Plus if you get mom hooked on these small scented wonders they make great gifts for any occasion! 
Whether you're a big fan of the classic cinnamon and spice or love trying out the newest combination creation Gillespie Florists carries the popular brands of Woodwick and Candleberry Co to satisfy everyone's favorite sense of scents! 


3. Soft, Simple and Soothing Melody of the Windchimes

Windchimes are one of those gifts which keep on giving. The continuous melodius music they make is soothing to the ears and mind. It is very relaxing to listen to the music while winding down in the evening or chilling out on a lazy afternoon. The sound of windchimes reminds me of being on vacation. Why not get something which makes her feel like every day is a mini retreat?


4. Colorful Hanging Baskets of Blooms

Fuchsia, geranium, petunias, begonias, and a plethera of mixed varieties of perennials in hanging baskets. During the spring we carry all sorts of herbs, pottend plants and blooming baskets to be enjoyed over the next few months. A simple way to add color without having to give up much space on the porch, patio or garden!


5. Herb Gardens in Awesome Keepsake Containers!

Notice a trend in our Best Seller lineup? The Highland Herb Garden is continuing the trend of our Mother's Day favorites being comprised of gifts which keep giving long after the special day has passed! These gifts are close to the hearts of those who enjoy  plants and having fresh herbs for their cuisine creations. Basil, thyme, sage and rosemary are among the top herbs we use in our little garden gifts. A decorative bow, butterfly and sweet button mums add flair and top off the look of our stylish rustic gardens.
*Click here to see the fresh cut florals version, English Garden* 



6. Delicious Chocolates

What gift list isn't complete without chocolate? I may be working on making healthier choices but I will never reject a delicious box of chocolates. Gillespie Florists carries a variety of sizes and items from South Bend Chocolate Company therefore you send your herb garden and a few sweets too! It's a win-win! 
Congratulations, you've made it through our top notch Mother's Day gift lineup. Best part of this list is you have great gift ideas for Mother's Day for the next few years or occasions Mom needs a gift or alittle something to brighten her day! Like the quote at the top, Mother is a verb therefore there's never a bad time to say "I Love You", "Thank you",  "I appreciate You", etc..
Doesn't have to be a grand affair each time. Take care of the dishes/laundry/dinner for the day for her because even little things can speak volumes. But also, so do flowers, herb gardens, windchimes...everything on this list. Moms (as in me) like these things too. So buy something on the list for them (me).
Shop our entire Mother's Day Collection by clicking below!
Mother's Day Collection


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Bevy of Bouquets for Mother's Day!

Posted by Sat, Apr 30, 2016 @ 06:15 PM



The art of mothering is to teach 
the art of living to children.
-Elaine Heffner

Mothering is a type of art form, isn't it? A daily, sometimes hourly balance of tasks to accomplish while caring for the ones you love and hoping the best parts of yourself are being reflected in the process.  It is a difficult balance yet we strive to keep balance every day. Dads, you do it too, we've got you on our radar! Every day is a chance to celebrate the relationships and love we have in our lives but having a few days a year to dedicate to mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, etc; doesn't hurt to send some extra special love and thanks, does it? So for Mother's Day, I am absolutely delighted at what the talented floral designers at Gillespie Florists have artfully crafted for our Mother's Day collection this year. Just like our mothers, these bouquets are works of art and I adore how they reflect the nature of mom in her many different forms.




1. Pastel Treasures


A terrific trio of goodness found in vintage bud vases! These small arrangements make a lovely combination centerpiece, placed individually throughout the room! Soft pastel colors in a few of our favorite flowers including gerbera daisies, waxflower, roses, snap dragons, seeded eucalyptus and mini-carnations! If the special lady in your life loves simple and sweet; she will enjoy Pastel Treasures. 

Giving this as a gift to represent a certain number of people? We can adjust the number of vases to suit your needs! Call 317.273.1100 or email for pricing options!





2. Butterfly Dreams

I'll admit it; I'm a sucker for butterflies, warm colors, and multi-purpose gifts. This particular design combines all these attributes in one for a most adorable bouquet! Not only do we have the beauty of fresh colorful daisies, carnations, waxflower, and alstroemeria but also the long lasting function of a quaint keepsake mug! If mom is an avid warm refreshment fan, she will appreciate this gift within a gift. 

3. Painted Hummingbird

Is it just me or do we associate delicate winged creatures with spring and love. We've covered butterflies; it's now time for our feathered friends, the hummingbirds! This bouquet reminds me of the quick flitting movements of these fairy-like birds. Fuji Mums reflect the needle thin beaks dipping searching for nectar. The fine Bear grass and airy nature of limonium filler and floral design is like catching a glance of the hummingbird before it disappears. 
Soft pink hues and demurely painted hummingbird in a keepsake vase complete this ethereal  bouquet! 

4. Azure Hauteur

Show some love on a large and elegant scale with Azure Hauteur. Tall Bells of Ireland, ornamental kale, the delicate white anemone, green mini hydrangea, green hypericum berry, purple monte casino, tinted blue limonium, spiral eucalyptus and seeded eucalyptus all artfully and tastefully arranged in a pristine blue vase. The classic appeal of this arrangement is perfect for the sophisticated lady in your life. 

5. Spring Bloomer

Spring is in full bloom when Mother's Day comes around. Help her celebrate the day and the return of warmer temps with a basket full of fresh annuals for the home or garden! These colorful plants will brighten her day till the frost bites. The seasonal availability of these blooming plants may affect the color and type of plant in thr picture but rest assured, our fine floral designers will use their special design skills to make up a lovely basket of blooms complete with ribbon and butterfly!

6. Vintage Teapot

Keepsake gifts and containers are always on trend here at Gillespie Florists! The Vintage Teapot is a prime example and perfect for Mother's Day. 
The brilliance of blue delphinium and blue cornflower paired with creamy white roses and spikey white Fuji mums and white carnations are carefully arranged in this keepsake container. A lover of tea and timeless style will enjoy this decorative bouquet. 




Find these Mother's Day bouquets and more when you visit our online collection. Want to deliver "Happy Mother's Day!" greetings in person? Stop by our store and choose flowers from our 500 sq ft cooler for a "made especially for you" bouquet or see what our designers have made fresh and ready to go in the front cooler. What better way to express gratitude and love for the important women in your life than with the beauty of flowers which reflects Mom's beauty, inside and out. 

Shop Mother's Day Bouquets! 

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