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Trick or Treat Hours are Happening at Gillespie Florists!

Posted by Fri, Oct 28, 2016 @ 03:43 PM

Della Gillespie Mendenhall Trick or treat and flowers

Treat or Flower!

Actually, Treat and Flower! We are having our fourth year of Trick or Treat hours at Gillespie Florists! We are excited to see what everyone will dress up as! I'm going to share some of my favorite pictures from the last  couple of years!


wizard of oz dorothy at gillespie florists  As always we will be offering candy and free flowers to anyone coming in dressed up during our Treat or Treat hours!

We have some really cool displays that are perfect for taking pictures! We'll take pictures for you and will be happy to email you a copy of the picture!




getting free flowers

English Bulldog Pearl at Gillespie Florists


Trick or Treat Hours:


Monday Oct. 31st 4pm-7pm


Since you'll be in for Trick or Treating, why not pick up a few things? Take 20% off carry out items with code "18A".



Candy, Flowers, coupons! It's a trifecta of treats at Gillespie Florists this Monday, October 31st!

For Halloween, Pearl and I made a video that was supposed to be scary but ended up being very funny! Click below to watch the video!

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My Top 5 Prom Flower Corsages 2014

Posted by Fri, May 30, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Robyn SmithAs we come to a close on the 2014 prom season here at Gillespie Florists, my second prom season with the shop, I have lost track of how many times I have been asked what my favorite corsages are. The shop has several very creative floral designers that create our amazing corsages so it makes it very hard to pick just one favorite. I have spent a lot of time dealing with our prom items this year and I finally have it narrowed down to my top five favorite corsages for this season.

Pink Curls Prom flowers

Pink Curls

This corsage is great for someone looking for something different. Black glitter leaves, pink beads, pink wired swirl sprays, black and silver wire, topped with aspidistra leaf ribbon and hot pink sweetheart roses make this a very uniquely designed corsage. To make it even better we could put this on any one of our keepsake bracelets!




Dreaming Blue Prom corsage

Dreaming Blue

This mixture of creams and blues makes for a very elegant but fun corsage. The beautiful cream and blue lace ribbon on top of black leaves and beads, topped with cream colored sweetheart roses and then accented with blue delphinium and blue faux rhinestone daisies is perfect for a classy but fun look.





Fire Island Flex Wrap Prom flowers


Fire Island 

Decided to go with a brighter colored dress and now you are worried about matching orange flowers to the color of your dress? Don’t you worry, we have you covered. This corsage is unique with the use of the orange flex wrap covered wires which gives a new texture and look on top of black leaves. Add a few stunning orange sweetheart roses and there you have it, a perfect match for your bright orange dress!



Purple Pixie Prom CorsagePurple Pixie

Another new style for the 2014 Prom season! These lavender sweetheart roses are so pretty nestled in the purple flash ribbon with a splash of white wax flower filler. Add some purple faux rhinestone daisies and the versatile aspidistra leaf ribbon and you have the perfect mixture to accent that beautiful purple dress for your prom night.







Glowing fluorescence prom flowers


Want your corsage to be noticed by all on the dance floor as you dance the night away? Glimmer would be the way to go! This knock out corsage comes on a custom designed Glassia florescence wristlet that is battery powered and ready to go with its very own ultraviolet lights. White sweetheart roses, bright pink and brilliant white sheer ribbons, silver beads and silver dot tulle sprayed with the Glassia florescence formula are designed onto the custom wristlet. Flip the switch, hit the dance floor and amaze everyone with your out of this world corsage! Afraid that the glow won’t last all night, don’t you worry because we send you home with your very own, compact spray bottle of the Glassia florescence formula that will fit perfectly into your purse or date’s pocket! Give your corsage a quick spray and glow your night away!

If you like the style of one of our corsages but the colors won’t match your dress, don’t you worry we have you covered, all you have to do is ask about our color options!

Want to fancy up any corsage you see on our website??? Check out of huge selection of keepsake bracelets that will leave you with something special to remember your night!

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Hopeless Romantic or Prom Rebel, which are you?

Posted by Fri, Apr 25, 2014 @ 01:00 PM

describe the imageWith prom season in full swing at Gillespie Florists, we are enjoying the challenge of making captivating corsages to match individual taste and style.   This year has seen a dramatic shift to wonderful frothy colors of champagne and shrimp with overlays of lace.  This particular design appeals to the hopeless romantic wanting to capture the updated vintage look featuring a myriad of pastel and the ever popular nude palette.

Creamy Peachy Chunky Prom Flower CorsageOn trend right now also is the large chunky style bracelets.  We have an exciting selection of styles and colors featuring silver metallic, crystals, pearls, and even full rhinestone cuffs.  Each a wonderful keepsake to wear again and again.

Featured here is one of our newest designs capturing the current on-trend prom style called "Vintage Peche"  It has a stunning full cuff crystal wristlet with champagne lace overlay on peach ribbon, crystal sprays, white sweetheart roses and glitter tulle.

 Goddess Prom Tiara crown

Another exciting trend this year is the addition of sheer illusion.  Normally used in costuming, this wonderful beige stretchy fabric allows you to have cut out detailing without showing actual skin.  If you are the dramatic Fashionista, you can make a statement and still be demure.  If you are more the Goddess type, then consider something very unique as this "Goddess Tiara".

Frozen Prom Flower Necklace

This beautiful head piece features a rhinestone tiara as the base with dainty wax flowers woven in. It's natural soft greenery gives an ethereal effect and is finished with iridescent green leaves.

Not quite like you? Then how about Legendary "Elfin".  You can define your look by wearing your flowers in unexpected places such as a necklace or flower ring.  Here we have the newest trend for prom in a hand tooled wire necklace called "Frozen".  It features unexpected blooms of Larkspur woven into 6 and 24 gage silver tone wire with iridescent strands and faux crystal stones. Each necklace is a one of a kind work of art!

describe the imageNothing quite like having magic at your fingertips with this beautiful flower ring called "Sugar Sugar".  Here we have a delicate pink spray rose with an adjustable ring band and adorned with wax flowers and a rhinestone spray.
Prom Flower Headband

Everyone loves the natural Bohemian-Island girl look so why not wear a stunning headband that balances perfectly with a strapless gown.  This beautiful piece is called "Bohemian Head Band” features a stunning green Dendrobium Orchid with a purple crystal dragonfly pin atop a silver braided headband.  It is finished with blue accents and iridescent hanging bead strands.
Ok, still not you?  Then how about all the Prom Rebels out there!  Push the fluff and bling aside and lets get creative.  
Blood Red Skull Prom FlowerHere we have designed something perfectly different for you called "Grim".  It features chains, raw zipper edges, skulls, feathers and black ribbons. Blood red roses sets it aflame with individuality.  We have many different types of fabric ribbons, lace, plaid, cording, buttons and charms to create that personalized, exclusively unique design.  Steampunk?  Rebel?  Alternative?  We’ve got you covered!  

We have expert designers and staff on hand to help you create whatever you're dreaming of and possibly something you haven’t thought of yet!  So whatever style you are, whatever color of the rainbow you need, whatever design of wristlets, body or accessory flowers you have in mind, come on in and let us show you how it's done!

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Flowers, Weddings, and Fonts Galore!

Posted by Tue, Nov 19, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Kelly Gillespie Snyder

I love fonts! Lots and lots of fonts! Big fonts, little fonts, decorative font, distressed fonts, gothic ones, basic ones, script! name the category and I am betting I will love at least 100 sets of these fabulous characters in it!  Whew! That is a lot of excitement for something we see on daily basis isn't it?

helvetfutura fontsflowers


What is the big fuss about fonts anyway? As a graphic designer, they serve an important role in my work. My job is to express information, ideas, and feelings through images, color, and font. Many times the information must be conveyed without using image at all. What do we have left but color and font? Sometimes not even full color but just black and white! Sounds a little boring, doesn't it? Not so long ago designers had a limited supply of fonts; we appreciated the subtle differences between Helvetica and Futura, Garamond and Goudy, but now? The world is our oyster! Thanks to font creation software and imaginative artists we have categories upon categories of fonts to meander through to find the perfect match for what we are thinking….

I know what you are thinking right now..."How does this relate to flowers?!"

Flowers aren't so different...there are millions of specimens; all having unique characteristics, some subtle, some obvious, all having the ability to express ideas, convey messages and feelings whether it be through a single stem of daisy poms or an entire spring bouquet.

One of my favorite examples of expression through flowers and fonts is how we bring them together for weddings through a theme.  You know when you have your theme; it may be colors, a favorite style or era, the newest trend, or maybe something of your own creation!

Again, endless possibilities!

Elegant Roses Bridal Fonts

Think about when you picked out or commissioned a designer to do your wedding invitations. Was there a certain font in the collection that stood out?

Where you thought "this is me! Oh this fits us! Just what I was looking for!"

It's so exciting when you find something which can express your ideas without having to say much, if anything at all. Again, flowers have the same capacity. A rose, for example. When I see a Vendela Rose, the word elegant comes to mind.





bold fontsflowers


Take a rose of a different color, such as red, add a few orange stargazer lillies, a few stalks of purple status, and the once "elegant" rose is now part of a brilliant and bold bouquet!






whimsical fontsflowersOr consider yet another one, a few white roses mixed with some eucalyptus,  delphinium, cornflower, kale, thistle eryngium, tree fern and voila!. A soft whimsical bouquet to compliment a light and airy wedding dress for a summer wedding outdoors.

Isn't it amazing how a single rose can transform into an entire theme? Just like font lettering. One style of letter by itself can speak to you. Put together a meaningful word with these letters and there it is, your theme is created, your idea in motion. Now off to your local florist to find which flowers express the same message for the world to see what you're feeling on such a special day.

With the right floral combination, color, and creativity you can have your wedding theme pulled together as boldly, elegantly, whimsically, beautifully as you have always imagined! Not sure where to begin? Have an idea or certain theme in mind but not sure what direction to go next? Check out our wedding link to get your creative ideas flowing. The fine staff of Gillespie Florists will be delighted to help you out with your wedding plans. Good luck and happy matching!

Contact our Wedding Specialist!

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I'm a GleeK for Glee Prom Flowers 2013!

Posted by Thu, Nov 07, 2013 @ 01:14 PM

Della MendenhallThe past couple of years I have been blogging about ‘Glee’ Prom and have received positive feedback. So here’s the scoop on what flowers our favorite characters wore to ‘Glee’ Prom 2013! First and foremost, I noticed there were way more characters on ‘Glee’ wearing prom flowers this season compared to past seasons; which as a florist, makes me very happy!

prom flowers of a gleekBrundleProm?

The theme for the 2013 ‘Glee’ Prom was BrundleProm? It was either BrundleProm or simply Junior/Senior Prom, which is a disappointment when looking back at past Prom themes. Unlike previous years, there was not a great variety in the types of flowers worn to the prom. The characters wore mostly carnations and roses on the inexpensive throw away elastic wristlets.  I did notice however, one or two of the main characters did wear keepsake bracelets!

red and black glitter prom corsageMost Memorable Corsage

The most memorable corsage was Tina's; mostly because it was one of the few corsages in the entire show that looked like any care was put into putting it together.  This corsage outshone all the others with red sweetheart roses, black ribbon, white pearl beads, green leaves and a keepsake charcoal gray wristlet!red rose prom corsage


Since Tina was crowned queen of the BrundleProm, it’s not a surprise they put extra effort into having her wear a pretty corsage. Of coirse, it is unfortunate red slushy got dumped all over Tina while being crowned but her true friends took care of her, got her cleaned up so she could enjoy the rest of her prom as queen!

Favorite Corsage… or Not!

I  didn’t have a favorite corsage this year. There was much left to be desired when it came to the corsages worn by the lead characters. In previous seasons, they always had nice corsages which were different from everyone elses and even had some creativity put into them! This year, however, everyone was wearing one of two flower types: Carnations or Roses. Many corsages had inexpensive satin ribbon, elastic wristlets, and green leaves; making the final effect oversized and sloppy.

lots of prom flowers gleeWith that said, I LOVED the fact that almost every single person in the cast was wearing prom flowers! Even all the extras were wearing prom flowers! They had a scene where some of the Glee Club members were performing on stage and the crowd of high schoolers were jumping and dancing and you could see the corsages bouncing around on their wrists!  For that reason, Glee producers; you are forgiven for not putting more thought into your leads’ prom flowers!

yellow rose boutonniere holderBoutonnieres

Have you noticed they use the same boutonniere holder every year? (I’m probably the only person who notices but I’m just glad they are showing a holder at all.)  I believe Blaine was wearing it this year, a metal boutonniere holder with a carnation.  I’m kind of tired of seeing the same boutonniere holder every year, but admit they serve a great purpose.

Boutonniere holders are a lot easier to use than the traditional “pin-on” because you don’t get poked with a straight pin!

Past that, there’s not a lot to say about the boutonnieres of the BrundleProm. It was nice to see more guys wearing flowers this year!

Hardy MumOnce Last Thing...

I don’t know if you noticed but they were using a hardy mum as part of the decor for the photo area. Did you know Hardy mums are only available in the Fall?  Now, it could be said that they were using a “Florist Mum” (a non-hardy mum grown in greenhouses year round), but the mum shown is way too big to be one of those. Which leads me to something that's been bugging me and if you follow Glee closely, it should bug you too! If you don’t, let me explain....

Last season ended mid-school year and this season picked back up after school winter break. For the show Glee, prom is taking place in early to mid spring, NOT the fall.  The reason why this bugs me is because at the end of last season and the beginning of this season, the show didn’t explain that they were splitting the school year up and making two seasons out of one school year. So, as I’m trying to piece this together, they show contradicting things like the hardy mum at prom!

All in all, I really enjoyed seeing all those Prom Flowers on one of my favorite shows.

In Indianapolis, our Prom season is a long way off but it’s never too early to think about what flowers will make your perfect prom! If you are a GleeK like me and want ‘Glee’ Prom flowers to accent your style, click below!


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Top Five Best Sellers - Prom Corsages 2013!

Posted by Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Della MendenhallNow that Prom season is officially over here at Gillespie Florists, I like to print product analysis reports to see what we sold more or less of to help me order supplies for next year’s Proms! Then I like to share our Top Five Bestsellers on our blog for all of those inquiring minds!

Vampire corsage flowers


5. Vamped - This corsage is very popular because we use different types of ribbon that dangles down to one side of the corsage. The Vamped wrist corsage includes: red sweetheart roses, red rhinestones, silver micro-wire, black glitter ribbon, black glitter leaves, two different types of red ribbon and a keepsake silver bracelet! Item # 11PN07

Platinum orchid corsage4. Platinum - This corsage includes: white dendrobium orchids, black feathers, green and black leaves, rhinestones, silver and green ribbon and keepsake a bracelet! Dendrobium orchids have delicate look to them but hold up really well for prom! Other types of orchids are more sensitive than others and be torn very easily so when ordering your prom flowers make sure ask how the orchid will hold up if you use a different variety!  #12PN03




fresh flower ring prom

3. Sugar Sugar - The Sugar Sugar fresh flower ring is created with a pink sweetheart rose, wax flower, beads and a few rhinestones! We make this with an elastic band so this ring is a “one size fits all” item! Some girls get a flower ring as well as a corsage and some wear just the ring to make a more clean look.  #13PN07


rose and orchid corsage


2. Mardi Gras - Be the life of the party with the Mardi Gras wrist corsage! This corsage is done in Ben Davis High School Purple and White colors and includes purple orchids, white sweetheart roses, purple ribbon, purple wire, silver beads,  black glitter leaves and a keepsake bracelet! Customers really love the mixture of roses and orchids!



Pandora corsage orange roses

1. Pandora - The Pandora corsage has been a best selling corsage for two years!. This corsage is designed with three orange sweetheart roses, purple & lime green glitter ribbon, blue & sea foam green feathers, blue, turquoise & green silk leaves, blue & green wire on a keepsake Bracelet. I think this corsage is liked so well because we use many elements to give if depth and interest!

When looking at the types of flowers being used rather than the specific design chosen by the customer; we sell more sweetheart rose corsages than anything else!


Check out our entire selection of Prom Flowers by clicking below!

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Check out our latest Prom Video!

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The Problem with Peonies

Posted by Fri, May 31, 2013 @ 11:40 AM

Sarah dye gillespieAs I watch the rain falling outside, I imagine the trees, grass, flowers, etc. joyfully drinking up the cool rain drops.  The plants look refreshed in the steady rain, especially after several days of sunny, warm weather.  However, I see a large peony bush, which yesterday was full of large, perfect peony blooms, now lying against the ground, the blooms beaten and bruised by the heavy rain.  This sight reminds me of the problem with peonies.

mixed peonies


As our state flower, peonies are a very popular flower in Indiana.  Over the last couple of years, I have seen an increased popularity of peonies in wedding celebrations.  Peonies are large, fragrant blooms, which lend themselves to simple, yet elegant bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids.  So, what’s the problem?  Peonies have an extremely short season of availability.  Local peonies are only available for about 3-4 weeks a year, depending on the weather.  With the heavy rain today and with more heavy rain expected over the weekend, the season will be coming to an abrupt close for the local crops.  Local growers keep a close eye on the weather forecast to try and preserve as much of their crops for as long as possible.  If heavy rain is forecasted, the growers will harvest the peonies a little early.  They can then place them in water with floral preservative, and store them in a refrigerator, cooler or very cool environment, until they sell the blooms to a local florist.  

Screen shot 2013 05 10 at 4.48.49 PMPeak season for the local peonies this year is now (late May).  Last year, the peak season was in April!  This is because in March, we had steady temperatures in the mid 80’s.  This year, our weather remained cooler than normal for April and even the beginning of May.  Generally speaking, the peak of our local peony season is around Mother’s Day.  Last year, the peak occurred early and this year the peak occurred late.  Therefore, another problem with peonies is trying to include them in an event (such as a wedding), not knowing if they will be available at the time of the event.  

Before you scrap peonies from you wedding plan altogether, here are some tips that I share with brides when I learn of their interest in peonies for their wedding.  

  1. Plan the date of your wedding to coincide with peony season.  If you really wish to include fresh cut peonies in your wedding, plan your wedding early in the spring.  Peonies are not available in the summer and fall months.  Peonies are available from other countries in the late winter, which increases the probability of their availability.  Keep in mind, however, imported flowers are much more expensive due to the packaging and cost of shipping.

  2. Have an alternative plan in place.  If weather affects the availability of the peony for your planned event, be sure to have another option ready to go, just in case.  I suggest garden roses (large headed, fragrant roses) or hydrangea.  

  3. Source some “silk” (fake) peonies.  The silks that are produced now are very high quality compared to silks 20 years ago.  There are even times when I suggest silk flowers over fresh flowers if a particular color of flower is not available in nature.  On a number of occasions, I have designed fresh bouquets with silk accents to achieve the desired color or texture.

  4. Cold storage.  Have the peonies on hand a week or two before you need them and keep them in water and cold storage.  We store flowers in our 500 square foot cooler at a chilly 34-36 degrees to keep them fresh for days.

Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our plans.  However, with a little planning, the problem with peonies can be minimized.

Check out some of our wedding creations by click below!

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The Prom Flowers of the Vampire Diaries

Posted by Tue, May 14, 2013 @ 02:50 PM

Vampire Prom FlowersDella Mendenhall anything goes promEvery year I do a blog on the flowers of the Glee Prom but there is usually a prom on Glee by now. Vampire Diaries however has had a Prom this year with a great scene showing off some different Prom flower options!
Vampire hand tied prom flowers
If you do not watch Vampire Diaries, let me give you the 411 on what’s going on in this episode. The series follows the life of Elena, who falls in love with a 150+ year-old vampire named Stefan. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan's vicious older brother Damon Salvatore returns and eventually falls in love with Elena as well. The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia and includes other supernatural beings such as werewolves, witches, ghosts, and hybrids. Through a complicated series of events Elena is turned into a vampire and because of the death of her brother Jeremy, she “turns off” her emotions. In this episode, Stefan and Damon are convinced they can get Elena to turn on her emotions by taking her to Prom and reminding her of all of the good times in her life and showing her how many people still love and care about her. 

sweetheart rose corsage vampireSince Stefan and Damon are over a hundred years old, it’s not surprising they take part in the time-honored tradition in bringing their prom date flowers (even though they are taking the same girl). Stefan gives Elena a hand tied bouquet (a.k.a. nosegay) of gerbera daisies and green roses. Even though her emotions are turned off, she does accept the bouquet. I think that is very telling of Elena true feelings toward Stefan because when Damon tries to give Elena a white rose with pink ribbon corsage; she tries to refuse it and not wear it. Of course if you know Damon, he won’t take “No” for an answer and with his super Vampire skills; he grabs Elena’s wrist and straps that corsage on her like her life depends on it! Elena does show up to prom with Damon’s corsage on and doesn’t have Stefan’s bouquet so, we could say that is very telling as well. But I’m on team Stefan so I am choosing to read more into Elena accepting the flowers from Stefan.

perfect corsage for vampire diaries 
Pictured here is a three sweetheart rose corsage, that would be perfect for Elena to have worn in this episode! I don’t have a picture that looks like her corsage but hers had sweetheart roses and a keepsake bracelet so, I thought this one would be a good fit. By the way, I think it is great we are seeing keepsake bracelets on television! This corsage is called Angelina and includes pink sweetheart roses, white accent flower and pink bracelet.

boutonniere for a vampireLater in the show I noticed the character Matt had on a single white rose boutonniere. I wonder who got that for him? The witch Bonnie? The vampire Caroline? Or did he get one for himself? I’m just glad he was wearing one because I noticed Elena didn’t care enough to get her dates a boutonniere.  The Focus boutonniere is similar to the one Matt is wearing with it’s white rose and accent flower. I think it would have looked better on Matt because of the boutonniere holder it is in. Boutonniere holders are easier to use than pin-on ones and they have a cleaner look.

Vampire centerpieces diariesI love the centerpieces for the tables! They were fresh flowers with a lighted lamp in the center. I like how they combined two things people like to have in the center of the table and combined it instead of choosing one or the other. The bouquets included white lilies, purple stock, burgundy carnations, white buttons and accent flowers. A lot of schools choose not to have fresh flower centerpieces at their proms but we have a local high school that still does it and the kids love it! They keep the cost down by bring us their own containers and many times bring in items for us to include. This year they brought us party masks to include in the bouquet.

nosegay vampire prom diaries flowersCaroline, vampire and friend to Elena, left the Prom early because she was upset that she couldn’t spend her senior prom with her werewolf/vampire hybrid boyfriend, Tyler. She came home to set up for a party she was having later that night and there was Tyler waiting for her with a hand tied bouquet of flowers. This bouquet included lavender daisies, cushion pompons, alstroemeria lilies and solidego. It was very pretty and very sweet of him to bring.

Hopefully there won’t be vampires at your prom but there should be flowers! Go to our website to view our entire selection but clicking below!

Shop Prom Flowers

Check out our latest video on Prom flowers below! 

Vampire Dairies airs on the CW network on Thursday nights. Make sure to catch the next episode or watch an episode on thier website now by CLICKING HERE! 

All images of Vampire Diaries are owned by the CW Network. 


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Top Five Prom Corsages 2013!

Posted by Mon, Apr 29, 2013 @ 11:02 AM

Della mendenhallGold and Black Orchid wrist corsage

We have had a couple of weekends of smaller proms and there are some definite favorites from our new 2013 Prom Flower Collection! Listed below is the top five!

 5.  Whether you are an Avon Orioles fan or just wearing black and gold, this corsage will make a big and flashy statement. The Oriole wrist corsage is created peach gold cream wrist corsagewith Mokara orchids painted gold, black ribbon, thin gold ribbon, gold bead sprays, black leaves and a keepsake black bead and rhinestone bracelet! Item#13PN01          $48.95


4.  The Venetian corsage has warm, rich colors and textures! The Venetian wrist corsage is intricately designed with peach roses, mini lotus pods with glitter, bead sprays, cream and gold ribbon, green bead sprays, cream and pink accent flowers and a keepsake pink/clear crystal beaded bracelet with rhinestones!  Item# 13PN22                  $65.95

White Calla Prom scepter


3.  Who says you have to wear a corsage?  This year we worked hard to create new designs to meet every girl’s style! The Black Magic Scepter is not a wrist corsage but is intended to take the place of it. Be the Queen of the Prom with Black Magic Scepter! This scepter is created with white posy callas, white tea roses, black glitter ribbon, white beads, silver wire and iridescent bead strands!   Item # 13PN48                  $69.95

Flowers prom heels 

2.  Here’s another alternative to the traditional wrist corsage! White Hot is a corsage like design of flowers we created to be added to a customer’s prom shoes. White Hot includes, three white tea roses, three glittered scabiosa pods, pink sequin accents and pink rhinestones. We create this with ribbons so you can easily attach the flowers to your shoe or bring in your shoes and we can do it for you!  Item# 13PN09                  $39.95 

Skull Grim Gothic Prom Flowers1.  Our designers want to create prom flowers that match each girl's individual style and this corsage is the epitome of that! The Grim wrist corsage is shockingly repellent and inspires horror to any who look upon it! This corsage includes blood red roses, skull charms, black feathers, black ribbon, silver chain, glitter, other grisly accents and a keepsake bracelet! If we can create a corsage like this just imagine what we can come up with for your individual style! Item# 13PN26                  $74.95

We are happy to make changes to the color of flowers and other accessories in your prom flowers to suit your needs!

After our prom season is over, I will post another blog letting you know our overall Top Five Best Sellers! 

Shop our new line of Prom Flowers by clicking below!

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Want to see some more of our favorite designs for 2013? Check out this video below!


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Prom King and Queen Contest 2013!

Posted by Fri, Apr 19, 2013 @ 10:45 AM

Della MendenhallGillespie Florists Prom King & Queen2011 prom contestants

Post a snapshot of you and another person wearing flowers fromGillespie Florists on our Facebook Page and get the chance to be crowned the Gillespie Florists Prom King & Queen!


Here's how it Works:


·   Take a snapshot of you and your date wearing Gillespie's Flowers.

·   Post or Share it on our Wall.

·   Tag your self in the photo as well as anyone else in the picture.

·   We'll put it in our "Prom King & Queen Contest Album 2013".

·   Ask your friends/family to "Like" your photo or post positive comments on your photo.

·   One week after the end of Prom Season, we will tally up the "Likes" and Comments and whoever has the most wins!


What do you get if you win?

The Queen will be crowned with a tiara and flowers and

both King and Queen will be awarded a $25.00 Gift Card to Gillespie Florists!

And don't forget, Bragging Rights!

Contest ends May 22nd, 2013. Winners will be announced on Facebook May 25th!

Here's the Link to our Facebook page:

Here are last years contestants!

Prom contest 2013

Click below to check out our Prom Flowers!

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