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Hop Into Easter: Decorating Tips and some Floral Fun

Posted by Fri, Mar 15, 2024 @ 12:28 PM

blog.gillespieflorists.comhubfs20230715_152752_0000Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome spring than by adorning our homes with vibrant hues and fragrant blooms? As your friendly neighborhood florist, we're here to send some floral inspiration your way and help you transform your space into a blooming Easter wonderland! Check out our tips and fun activities below for a wonderful Easter celebration. 


Easter Eggstravaganza Floral Arrangements

Let's start with the classics – Easter eggs! Incorporating colorful eggs into flower arrangements adds a whimsical touch any bouquet. Gather a mix of spring flowers like daisies, tulips, and hyacinths, and nestle dyed or plastic eggs among the blooms. It's a simple yet delightful way to capture the essence of Easter.

Bunny Buddies and Blooms

Get hopping into the spirit with adorable bunny-themed floral arrangements. Select a charming bunny figurine or plush toy and surround it with fresh greenery and pastel-colored flowers like roses, carnations, and lilacs to make a playful centerpiece.

Easter Basket Bouquets

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids? Create your own grown-up version by filling a rustic basket with an assortment of seasonal flowers and foliage. Add some decorative Easter eggs, ribbons, and maybe even some candy and favorite drink for good measure. 

Spring Garden Party Vibes

Take your Easter festivities outdoors and host a charming garden party surrounded by nature's beauty. Adorn your tables with fresh flower garlands, delicate floral wreaths, and potted plants. 

DIY Floral Crafts for Kids

Get the little ones involved in the Easter fun with some creative floral crafts. Set up a crafting station with colorful flowers, ribbons, and other craft supplies. Let their imaginations run wild as they design their own flower arrangements, Easter bonnets, or even flower petal art. It's a wonderful way to foster their creativity and appreciation for nature.

Gillespie Florists wishes everyone a blooming Easter filled with love, laughter, and plenty of petals!

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Will you have a Egg-stra Special Easter?

Posted by Thu, Apr 21, 2011 @ 12:29 PM

Della Gillespie-Mendenhall  How can you make this year's Easter Special?

Seems like everywhere you look there is a Easter celebration or Easter Egg hunt to celebrate Easter! So, How can you separate  this year's Easter bash from previous years? Flowers!

It's not just flowers.

Gillespie Florists carries a wide variety of products for the Easter Holiday, from plants, to gift baskets, to flowers! Here are a few examples!

Happy Spring in Indianapolis IN, Gillespie FloristsWe carry green house plants year round but at spring time we carry beautiful bulb plants! Pictured here is a basket with hyacinths and tulips that will come back year after year!

Product: Happy Spring!

Item #: 10E06

Price: $59.95

Happy Easter Basket in Indianapolis IN, Gillespie Florists

Easter Baskets are a great idea if you can not get home for Easter! Just order on our website or give us a call and we will do the rest! We fill up a basket with some of your favorite Easter treats: Peeps, Chocolate bunny, M&M's and Easter Eggs filled with Candies!

Product: Happy Easter Basket

Item #: 11E01

Price: $29.95

Easter Time in Indianapolis IN, Gillespie Florists Don't forget the flowers! We have all sorts of bouquets to fit any gathering! We have fun and festive centerpieces like this adorable basket pictured to the left. We also have stunning tributes to the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

Product: Easter Time

Item # 09E09

Price: $29.95

Check out all of our great Easter Specials!

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