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Trick-or-Treat! More than Candy at Gillespie Florists!

Posted by Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 10:01 AM

describe the imageAll Hallow's Eve is upon us! What better way to celebrate Halloween than to decorate with spooky stuff, eat candy, and create scary fun bouquets?That's how we roll at Gillespie Florists. Another way we enjoy Halloween is to dress up in costume! Know what else we love? Trick-or-Treaters! And because we enjoy costumes, candy, Trick-or-Treaters and more, we have a special treat for you! 



Are your little Trick or Treaters anxious to get the Halloween ball rolling?  Did they hop off the bus in costume and you've got a few errands to run?  Bring everyone over to our shop for a few treats of our own as we host a few Trick or Treat hours in our sixth year and running...

Treat or Flower!

Except it's Treat AND Flower! We send off our costumed Trick-or-Treaters in style with candy AND a free flower! Is there a more fabulous way to start the evening than with a fresh flower to go along with the impending harvest of sweet treats?



Trick or TreatersStill not sure it sounds like fun? Let me convince you with some pictures of a few of our visitors during All Hallow's Eve past! We have some really cool displays that are perfect for taking pictures! We'll take pictures for you and will be happy to email you a copy of the picture!


Trick or Treat Hours

Friday Oct. 31st 4p-7p

Trick or TreatStorewide Sale!

We are all about the treats here so why not pick up a few things since we are having a storewide sale!!!

Candles, Webkinz, Silks, Comfort Throws, Angels, giftware...everything 40% OFF! 

**This is for Take Out Only and on items already in stock. This sale excludes: Serviced Product, fresh flowers, and plants. Sales items cannot be delivered. Restrictions may apply. All sales are final**


Hmm...costumes, candy, flowers, storewide sale...sounds like a great way to start Halloween!  Be sure to add our shop to your trick or treat route: We will be there with flowers and candy at the ready and excited to show off our own creative costuming as well! 


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Halloween Bouquets, Fall Florals, and More!

Posted by Sat, Oct 25, 2014 @ 03:11 PM

describe the image

It's that time of year, friends! The most spooktacular event of October is eerily hovering in the distance. We've been waiting on pins and needles to sift through our cobweb captured boxes full of ghoulish decorations, terrifying costumes, and put our brewing schemes for horrific fun into action.


halloween 01October has always been my favorite month for the long awaited occasion of decking out the porch to beckon trick-or-treaters to come hither so I throw candy and marvel at creative costuming and adorable characters. But don't let the kids have all the fun! As adults we hold parties, make our own costumes, and swipe the hard-earned candy from our kids. Come on, if you're a parent, you're a candy-swiper. Admit it; it's for the children and you're helping the dentist protect little teeth from the candied indulgence of Halloween.   


Short for  'All Hallows Eve' it initiates the three day celebration of Allhallowtide which is dedicated to remembering the dead. The traditional theme is using humor and ridicule to confront the power of death. Jack-o'-lanterns, costume parties, trick-or-treating, haunted houses are a few of the many ways we pay tribute to the day. We enjoy taking part of this good-spirited fun at Gillespie Florists with designing spooky fun arrangements. I thought I'd highlight a few of them today in hopes one of these will be sent my direction. Just kidding! Recently I received the most gorgeous, spilling-over-the-top, amazing arrangement along with a new line of candy we are carrying! Ok, enough candy talk! Let's see what our designers have up their mummified sleeves this year! The Eerie Spider bouquet  pictured above is a prime example of a few Halloween treats we will be exploring!


100 0902 rv


We do have some terrifying pieces to explore but will be leading in with something a bit more traditional with The Pumpkin Patch Deluxe! This arrangement celebrates the fall season with vibrant yellow sunflowers, burnt orange fall daisies, curling willow, wheat, and pumpkin accents in a ceramic container. It is a perfect centerpiece for a table overflowing with caramel apples, warm apple cider, pumpkin bread, apple crisp, turkey pumpkin get the picture! The beauty of this piece is not only having the fall season sprouting out of a pumpkin but also the longevity of the flowers used. It's a win-win! 



describe the image


Continuing on with the pumpkin theme I will keep a pumpkin-shaped container and raise you with a keepsake steampunk light up Frankenstein's Monster head. The shocking orange fall daisies, poppy purple statice, and a smashing variety of greens bring this arrangement to life! Add in the steampunk flavor (who doesn't love springs, gears, and metals shaped into a monster?) and this piece is good to go in the family friendly fun category!


Haunted Skull



Call me biast, that's okay, I can handle it; I am loving the keepsake steampunk accents on our Halloween treats this year! Let's consider for a moment you may not have the real estate on the main table for an arrangement but still want to celebrate the spirit of the occasion on a smaller scale. The Haunted Skull is perfectly sized for a desk, nightstand, side table; pretty much anywhere!  The simplicity of the gerbera daisy with limonium in a poison bottle complements the light up steampunk skull. The tile ties everything together to complete the spooky display.


Autumn Elements




Speaking of displays, the last design on this snapshot of our Halloween and Fall collection is the sleek and sophisticated Autumn Elements. Colors of the season spike upwards out of a modern red rectangle vase. Belles of Ireland, carnations and gerberas mixed with fall leaves, pheasant feathers, and greenery create a stunning piece which will command attention where ever it is placed! 




Gillespie Florists carries such a spectacular assortment of Halloween and fall bouquets it was truly difficult to narrow down to a select few to highlight! If any of these have picqued your interest or invaded your brain come stop by our shop or check out our website for seasonal treats! (No tricks, we promise!) 

Click here for Halloween Bouquets!

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Bridal Bouquets Take Shape of Your Theme

Posted by Sat, Oct 04, 2014 @ 12:07 PM

describe the imagePicture this: You're waiting just outside sight range of all of your guests. The maid of honor and bridesmaids are in place in perfect alignment with the groomsmen on the opposite side, and everyone has started craning their necks and turning to see the vision of bridal beauty. There is one last item which pre-cedes you in this scenario. It completes the composition of the colors, dress, style, and theme of your wedding.  It is your bridal bouquet. 

crescentAs you know bridal bouquets are designed in all shapes and sizes to fit the theme in a wedding. Why is shape important? It's just a bouquet, right? It's round, has flowers in it that match the theme colors, end of story!  "I can't believe you just said that! I'm defriending you" said all of your wedding-pinning friends. The shape of the bouquet complements the style and shape of your wedding dress! So let's go through a few popular shapes and break out some knowledge for the next wedding themed coffee discussion. 


Cascade Bouquet:

Also known as shower or trailing bouquet, this design is the most formal and traditional of bouquets. The shape is designed to spill gracefully over the bride's hands as it flows downward, creating an air of sophistication and style. It is perfect for a romantic themed wedding with a larger shaped dress. A good thing to keep in mind is not letting your bouquet overpower the extensive time and monetary investment of your bridal gown. weddingphoto

If your dress is simple and slinky, then the full trailing shape of the cascade bouquet would not be the optimal choice. Of course this wasn't always the case! When the cascade bouquet hit it's peak of popularity in the 1920's-1930's it was designed so large it often ensconced the bride! 

It is suggested to use the cascade bouquet for a fuller figure, fuller dress, taller bride, etc. However these are just suggestions in many bridal guides; it doesn't mean you have to follow the rules! Case in point, the picture to the left from my wedding ages ago. I didn't know it was called a cascading bouquet but did know I didn't want a round-bunchy-Martha- Stewart-in-the-height-of-her-glory bouquet. So my floral godmother designed the most amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, trailing bouquet which could have overtaken my 5'1 frame in a straight dress but it really didn't...and if it did, I didn't care because I LOVED it! 



HW0 612058Posey Bouquet:

Cascade bouquets are the most traditional choice but nowadays we've headed back to basics with the posey bouquet. During Victorian times, this smaller round shaped design was composed of tightly wrapped flowers holding very specific meanings and/or messages. Presently, the flowers selected are based on shape, color, and bride preference. The most adaptable of all shapes and sizes, it can be formal, or have a looser more natural look. The formal style consists of stems of the flowers being "fully-wired"; where they are removed and replaced with florists’ wire and then constructed into a much lighter bouquet with an easy to hold handle.  

describe the imageThe more natural style has a more unstructured look with stems tied together with satin or lace ribbons, often adorned with beads, pearls, and other decorative strands. The posey bouquet started with just flowers but has transformed over the decades into an dazzling mixture of flowers, greenery, loose leaves, berries, you name it! This versatile style complements most dress shapes and styles lending another reason to it's acclaim with brides. One more note on this particular shape: it is often what bridesmaids will carry as well so plan for your bouquet to be bigger but make sure to keep the width smaller than your waist or the bouquet will conceal the beautiful frame that is you.

HW0 534307



Nosegay Bouquet:

This bouquet is worth mentioning for it's simplicity and prominent usage of greenery. More for the bridesmaids this basic style can also be a statement of elegance and sophistication for the bride.

The small round-shaped nosegay was more prevalent in the Victorian Era and was often mounted in a tussie-mussie (a small, metal or glass, cone-shaped Victorian style holder). As the Cascade bouquet rose to bridal acclaim during WWII the nosegay died out until the 1980's when it was revitalized as a tight posy with small flowers and tulle backing. This day and age we enjoy the nosegay with satin and organza ribbons, a bit larger arrangements, and other small decorative elements to match the theme of the wedding. Both brides and bridesmaids will find this soft light style balances well with dress structures such as mermaid, fish-tail, and ballgown.



presentationPresentation Bouquet:

You've seen this particular style if you've ever watched a pageant! The presentation bouquet, otherwise known as an arm spray or arm sheaf, became prominent after it they were given to famous actress of the 1900's, Sarah Bernhardt. These bouquets became so popular during that time they were named "Bernhart" bouquets. 

Carried across the arm or held to trail down beside the dress, this style creates a stunning line and will showcase the features on the front panels of your wedding dress. Smooth Calla lilies, orchids, and tulips work well and create a modern elegance. Arm sprays can also be dressed up with greenery, multiple types of flowers, filler, for a more "just picked from a garden" look. This style goes hand in hand with an empire waist or straight A-line structured dress.



bouquet styles.241235908 largeLet's see, we've covered Cascade, Posey, Nosegay, and Presentation; have I forgotten any? Absolutely not! There are many styles and shapes left to cover, however, you probably have a coffee date, family plans, get back to work, and things to do!

So I will leave you with one of many helpful graphics which show a snapshot of bouquet styles to quickly scan over before moving onto other activities. Now I could do all the research but I invite you to jump online OR visit us at Gillespie florists and speak with one of our wedding specialists about the many bridal bouquet options (including ones I haven't mentioned) available to you! 






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A Few Fall Wedding Trends: What will we see this year?

Posted by Thu, Sep 25, 2014 @ 12:21 PM

describe the imageTrends are kind of like seasons; they come and go and come back again. When they return there may be a little (or ALOT) of variation but still the base idea, concept, weather, colors, they are still there. A fabulous difference between a season and a trend is you have more control over a trend and how much it affects your personal style, if at all! As fall kicks into full gear we will take a look at some of the trends for weddings this season. Who knows, maybe you'll see a rerun revisited in whole new way as you're enjoying the heralding colors of fall whilst sipping warm cider and secretly hoping the bride and groom will invite guests to take home that shabby chic table centerpiece burlapped vintage jar with wildflowers; because are they going to take them to Santorini? Hey, a girl can dream...or she can get on Pinterest and DIY it.

pantonecolorsSince the weddings for fall season have recently begun it will be interesting to see what our autumn brides have in store for us this year! First off, let's take a peek at the color palette.

describe the image

Pantone's color of the year is Radiant Orchid. At first glance I'm thinking this color isn't very radiant; it is more of a muted dark pink with splash of purple. However after perusing the tints and shades we can find a variety of ways to make this color pop front and center from sleek metallic to shabby chic fabulousness! Case in point, I absolutely adore this bouquet! The accent of lavender ties together the entire look right down to the shimmering opalascent ribbon.


Royal Blue is a strong competitor along with Alumninum for smooth sophistication while Mauve Mist and Cognac speak the softer yet refined language of nude fashion. Clean cut Cobalt and subtle natured Cypress although next to each other will set complementary tones when it comes to decoration. 

My personal style leans towards the Aurora Red, Misted Yellow, and Sangria. Nicely saturated earth tones with a twist which mimic the traditional season of changing leaves, brisk days, and nights alive with bonfires, roasting marshmallows, and ghost stories abound in wooded hallows. 


barnSpeaking of wooded hallows; Outdoor, indoor, in a barn, under a tree, where are these fall weddings going to be? The fall season is the optimal time of year to be outside and most couples take advantage of the fair weather and celebrate the nuptials outdoors using venues such as farms, vineyards, parks, or even their own backyard!

Will the decorations be a glistening glittertown of glory? Roaming woodland creatures with tabletops displying tree trunks, lace, and burlap? Magnificent metallic and fabulous fabric fusion? The possibilities are endless and the starting point is a texture mashup and what better way to convey this than beginning on the path of Shabby chic?

describe the image


A wonderland of repurposed woods and goods are perfect for a rustic fall setting especially if the nuptials are going to be held outdoors. Simplifying with burlap & twine accents or dressing it up with mismatched antique bottles and/or mason jars filled with mixed flowers for a countryside flair is a popular choice!



Burlap, lace, antique glass, seems like there is something missing. Something which with sparkle and shine besides candles and twinkling lights. Of course! Glitter and Metallics!

These frontrunners of fashion can transform a simple bottle into an elegant centerpiece element! As a DIY society we can create the look of antique silver and copper containers without breaking the bank and still have swanky decor. Have some leftover vases from beautiful arrangements? Perhaps metallic gold or silver spray paint and a bit of time? Oh Pinterest...or rather, internet, where we would we be without you. Still creating fabulous weddings, but having millions of ideas to inspire one of the most important days of our life? It makes it easier doesn't it?


HW0 586263You know what else will make your wedding day easier? An amazing florist *cough*Gillespie Florists*cough*.

Friendly, knowledgeable, talented, and ready to take your wedding trend ideas and inspirations to the next level. Keeping up with trends and working outside the box, we're always on the lookout for exciting and/or fashionably revived ways to help you celebrate your special day.

Click below to schedule a free consultation with our wedding specialist!

 Contact our Wedding Specialist!

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Birthday Gifts: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Posted by Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 07:22 AM

describe the image

"There are 364 days when 
you might get un-birthday presents 
and only one for birthday 
presents you know"

-Lewis Carroll


describe the image Lewis Carroll has a good point...but, so do I. Birthdays are fun. Getting gifts is a lot of fun and giving them? The most fun of all of course! We all know it's better to give than receive...unless your love language is gifts, like mine (hint hint) but I digress. There is a high probability if you are reading this you are looking for ways to take your gift to the next level for a special someone on the day which is just for them! When you think of it that way, why wouldn't you want to celebrate and/or make the day a bit more extraordinary? 

Upgrade, level up, super size, all these terms shout "spend more money!!"; but do you have to? It's up to you! The beauty of creativity is it involves just a bit more brain power, and some found objects around the house...and chocolate, don't forget the chocolate! Now before we get started keep in mind these gift ideas don't need to be limited to just birthdays, they will work for almost any occasion!


TeacherMMPoemJarGiftCardLet's start with something popular, the gift card. This is by far the most popular gift and much appreciated by the recipient. Not that fancy? Not impressed? I wasn't finished. Add flair to the gift card by including an item related to the gift. Manicure/Pedicure gift certificate? Include nail polish or small manicure kit! Got a Starbucks fiend? Ask for an extra cup, fill with coffee beans or candy treats with the card in the center! There are many ways to dress up a gift card without breaking the bank. With alittle extra time, thought, and great ideas here, your next gift card will have extra "Wow" or rather "WOW!!" factor. 


describe the image

Next up is the fantastic gift of food! Dinner out, lunch in, cookbooks, fancy kitchen aids, there is no end to the ingenious ways you can present this gift! Let's just look at a couple of quick and easy options which go beyond the average "wine and dine". Is your special someone a foodie? Do they like playing in the kitchen? Don't take them to any old restaurant, get adventurous and visit a deli shop such as Goose the Market in Indianapolis! Fresh meats, cheese, wine; it has everything under the sun and perfect for trying new foods while relaxing with a glass of wine or tasty beer!

Restaurants sound too blasé? Stock a basket full of delight with gourmet food and hit a local winery! Do a wine tasting and purchase your favorite and enjoy it outdoors (or at home on the floor as indoor candle-lit picnic)! Don't forget to add a decadent slice of cake for your birthday girl!


Paint your own vase piecesSome of you may be thinking, "Ok, that sounds great but been there, done that". All right then, I challenge you to the next level of creativity: time to get crafty! You don't need to be an arts and crafts extraordinaire to make the perfect gift, in fact, this is the time to get the kids involved if you wish! A fabulous gift which will not only capture a moment in time but also have a functional AND decorative element in the home is a vase. This vase can be purchased and decorated at your local pottery painting facility. If this is a gift from the kids, plan for it by surprising mom with a "time-out" for a few hours while you take the kids to select the perfect container, paint it, and wait on pins and needles for the 4-6 day firing period before taking it home to be filled with flowers purchased from your favorite local florist...That would be Gillespie Florists for you, Indianapolis!  If the kids are not old enough to be set free in a pottery studio, have no fear, there are online kits you can purchase and do at home. Key ingrediant to doing either version is getting mom out of the house for a few shouldn't be a problem. Best thing about this gift is filling it with flowers for occasions such as Mother's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and just because...

There are many OTHER crafty options I have not mentioned but may revisit in another post for great ideas for Mother's Day and/or "Girls Night Out" but that is for another day!


Now it is time for the ultimate gift. One which will work your brain muscles like an Olympic champion and test your planning abilities to the extreme! It is the one and only Seven Day Birthday Extravaganza! 

task 01

Having a seven day birthday extravaganza doesn't have to be expensive; instead of emptying the wallet try expanding the brain cells and do something small each day with a theme! A few examples are: 

  • Mega-Hug Monday - Hug her every time you see her and then some

  • Totally Awesome Task Tuesday - It could be a simple chore like doing the dishes, filling up her car's gas tank, or running a special errand! 

  • What's for Dinner Wednesday - If she's the head chef at Chez Vous, give her the night off       and make dinner or take her out!

These are just a few examples for making the entire week special. Side note, I tried the birthday week out on my husband and he LOVED it. I had also purchased a couple of presents and dispensed them throughout his "birthday journey". He said he felt super appreciated all week long, and isn't that the greatest gift of all?  


HW0 34565



So, how is your noggin holding up? Excited? Motivated? Overwhelmed? Not quite ready to enter into the realm of crafty awesomeness and mental body-building?  It's ok, we have you covered. Yes, there are limitless possibilities for gifts which take extra time, energy, creativity, etc; however, it's good to know if something goes awry in the clever planning department that there is always something you know your special someone is going to love. A fresh, vibrant, lovely and cheerful arrangement full of flowers expressing "Happy Birthday to you!"

Needing fresh ideas for birthday or just want to send a sweet something to mark a special occasion? Check out our website or stop by to fill the kid-painted, mother approved vase with what we have in stock!

Browse Birthday Bouquets!














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Flowers in the Sound of Music

Posted by Wed, Sep 03, 2014 @ 07:11 AM

describe the image

Oh yes, my friends you guessed it! You know where this gal is going today. Outdoors to spin around Julie Andrews style whilst belting out how the hills are alive with the sound of music; completely ignorant of the fact I'll be soon meeting my captain so we can sing Edelweiss and climb every mountain together.


describe the imageIf that was indeed your guess, it's a fantastic idea but I don't have any Sound of Music outfits on hand so we'll have to settle for a magnificent monologue of a few of my favorite things: flowers, music, and more flowers.  Hard rock, easy listening, broadway, instrumental; just about any genre you're into there is certain to be a floral title. Take "Edelweiss"  from Sound of Music, for example. How often have I heard this song but haven't "listened" to the lyrics or get a good visual on the flower. Symbolizing nobility and courage; this small and white sponge-looking bloom is the national flower of Austria. After researching a bit and listening to the song again, I find the already lovely and graceful music has taken on new meaning and beauty. Interesting how a little knowledge can transform a song.

describe the image


Another popular song with a floral title comes to mind is Tiny Tim's rendition of "Tiptoe thru the Tulips with Me". Although released before I was born; the charming lyrics surrounded by a trilling voice and friendly ukelele accompanies my thoughts whenever I think of the bright and cheerful symbol of perfect love, the tulip. The original version of the song by Nick Lucas isn't as familiar but just as delightful to hear! Have you noticed how a flower's meaning emerge through the music? Thanks to Nick and Tiny Tim's interpretation of the tulip, I cannot think of a better way to musically describe these sweet and simple blooms.


buttercupThere are so many songs to choose from and most flowers are represented in music but I must tack on "My Little Buttercup" from The Three Amigos because:

1. It's a favorite childhood movie of mine.

2. It has esteemed members of SNL in it.

3. It's entertaining as all get out!

Representing cheerfulness and charm, these golden yellow cup-shaped blooms spread lavishly and also symbolize richness. Again, the flower's meaning is conveyed perfectly through the music! 


describe the image

What list of songs with flowers in the title would be complete without one of the most popular blooms of them all? You know where I'm going with this, yes? "Everything's Coming up Roses" at the top of this list and it would be grand to receive a "Kiss from a Rose" but watch out because "Every Rose has its Thorn" , Yet we still pay "Tribute to a Rose" because "Love is a Rose" and don't forget the longstanding symbol for love, appreciation, devotion, remembrance, and friendship is "The Rose" 

I could go on like this for awhile but don't want to distract you from the rest of your day. These songs are just a very select few from lists of hundreds. There is even a link for music about flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables on one list!  

A great way to express love is through the gift of music, like a mixed tape, cd, ipod, etc..but if you are short on time of sifting through thousands of songs about flowers, just stop on by or give us a call to send some while you are compiling music!  Vased or through an instrument, flowers have the ability to create lyrics for the message you want to send.


Browse our Feature Bouquets!





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Deepest Sympathy: Expressing Yours

Posted by Thu, Aug 21, 2014 @ 07:18 AM

describe the imageExpressing your sorrow for one's loss can be difficult. If you're someone like me; whose default mode is to make people smile and laugh, then it can become a very large feat. However sometimes we need to put the urge to make people smile away and simply be there for them in any way possible. We can do so whether it be a physical appearance at the wake, funeral or sending our condolences from across the country. Our feelings are genunine, our heartfelt sympathies we want to send, along with these we can choose to send flowers and cards to the family, donate money to a favorite charity of the deceased, or help out in some other manner. However we choose to express ourselves one of the roadblocks we face is "How do I sign the card?" It seems like a small detail but if you are unable to be there for a visit, bring a meal or hug out your condolences to the families then words take on a bit more importance.  

101 3447There isn't a right or wrong way to express sympathy but there are quite a few expressions which will lead you in the appropriate direction if you find yourself a loss for words.  

With our heartfelt condolences

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Thinking of you in these difficult times

With loving thoughts to comfort you at this time

Please know our loving thoughts embrace you.

May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead.

Our hearts are filled with sorrow.

Fondest remembrances

Healing wishes for you and your family.

May your loving memories ease your mind during this difficult time

May you all find comfort and strength in the warmth and caring of friends and family

describe the image

Granted, these expressions are a small sampling and by all means not the only ones appropriate to use. Yet if you're like me; it is very helpful to have a starting point when the mind is blank, the need to say something is very important and you are not sure where to begin.

If you are someone whom words flow effortlessly then don't be limited to the small space of a greeting card. Write a letter! Just remember the purpose of writing a letter is to honor the deceased and support the bereaved. Do not dwell on details such as cause of death or previous pain and suffering; instead include a personal story about the deceased which highlights their unique qualities. 

If you are offering help or support in the letter, be specific about what you would like to do. Visiting and cooking a meal? Doing the grocery shopping for the week or watching the kids for awhile? There are so many ways to show your support; and any effort will be appreciated.


describe the imageWe have the words covered on how to begin to send condolences so it is time to take a glance at one of my favorite forms of expression. It doesn't require many letters but has the capability of saying all the words which end up getting jumbled along the way from my eloquent mind to my "uhh...." mouth and/or paper! Flowers. Elegant, graceful, diginified, sweet, simple or sophisticated, blooms in an arrangement become moving pieces of sincerity and love. The tradition of sending flowers is longstanding and remains the most popular way to extend sympathy and condolences to the bereaved and give tribute to the deceased. Arrangements can be sent to the wake, funeral service, and to the family's home after the service. There are a variety of designs and options available; the styles range from traditional to contemporary and can incorporate keepsake items for the family to take home and keep in remembrance . If you are looking for something longer lasting than flowers and not keen on keepsakes another great alternative is a planter. A green thumb isn't required to maintain this living tribute and can brighten a room or office for years. Case in point, I have two planters from over seven years ago. One as a congratulations for our first baby and another sent for sympathy of my father-in-law's passing. I enjoy seeing these gifts and tending to them by watering, removing old leaves, cutting back, etc, is therapeutic and calming.


describe the imageWords of comfort, flowers, plants, keepsakes, letters, hugs, fresh baked cookies, homemade lasagna; these are all ways we can express ourselves to someone during their time of joy, grief, and everything in between. A common thread among all of these avenues of expression is there isn't an expiration date.  They can be done at any time and your thoughtfulness, caring, and support will be appreciated.

The Gillespie Florists staff is comprised of friendly and caring people who are ready to help you express yourself with flowers in times of joy, sympathy, or just because.  For inspiration and/or ideas for the next occasion to convey your words via the scenic expressway of flowers, visit our website, give us a call, or just stop in. We are happy to send your warm thoughts in the most beautiful way possible. 

Visit our Sympathy page to view a sampling of our work!

Expressions of Sympathy

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Save The Cake! Top Five Wedding Superstitions

Posted by Fri, Aug 08, 2014 @ 03:43 PM


Raw_badgetag-01-1It's your wedding day! Throw on your wedding gear and avoid glancing at your beloved while adding something old, new, borrowed, and blue; give a hefty throw of the garter and/or bouquet to warm up your muscles for crossing the threshold as a married couple for the first time while holding the top of the wedding cake to be enjoyed sans freezer burn in a years time...Did I forget anything? 

If the above didn't clue you in; we are embarking on a journey of five well-known superstitions throughout wedding history! Some are not practiced as much but I bet you a sixpence, ladies, you will and/or have been asked which ones have made the cut into your wedding celebration. Without further "I do", let's take our seats, relax for a spell, and enjoy reminiscing a few of these matrimonial notions.



1. Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe.

This is undoubtedly the most popular wedding tradition yet in the U.S. we oftentimes drop the "Silver Sixpence"; or at least I did as my shoes didn't allow for anything being tucked in them. Common good luck charms with deeper significance meant to be given by family, friends, and attendants in the "eleventh hour" before the wedding. Something old is for continuity while something new offers optimism for the future. Something borrowed symbolizes family and friends being there for you in the future and something blue represents faithfulness, love, and purity. What of the sixpence? It's primarily a British custom which is a wish for prosperity.




describe the image

2. It's Bad Luck to See the  Bride Before the Wedding!

We're not sure where this notion originated; possibly from the tradition of arranged marriages but it's difficult to pinpoint. My interpretation of this tradition was that this was the most important day of our lives (at this point), we worked very hard to put everything together. The idea of the final moment, the anticipation, and the fact I spent a great deal of time selecting a dress, getting dolled up, wearing uncomfortable shoes...I wanted to take my future husband's breath away. Mission Accomplished.

This superstition is one which has fallen by the wayside for better things such as stunning photographs of the entire wedding party before makeup melts, shirts getting untucked, and the maximum hold hairspray giving out. Other reasons include spending a moment of quiet time together and getting the party started ASAP. It's time to celebrate! 




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3. Bouquets Tossing and Garters Flinging!

This tradition has less to do with good luck and well-wishing for the newlyweds and more about spreading their bliss to other people in the future. More fun and/or embarassing than anything else; this practice is good for laughs, smiles, and great pictures.

I must to admit to really enjoying this one from both angles of the bouquet toss. As a single lady, yes it's a ridiculous tradition because how often does the lucky lady get married after catching the bouquet? The answer depends on if it's rigged or not. Is it still fun? Sure it is! As a bride I enjoyed tossing the bouquet and witnessing the aftermath. 

Ah the garter toss. The single guys aren't as easy to corral together for this one but eventually they gather for the fun of it. How often do you see to see your best friend get creative with removal of the token prize which might lead to someone's ineveitable walk down the aisle? 




4. Carrying the Bride Over the Threshhold

If you're worried about the bride tripping to bring bad luck upon the marriage or need to ward off evil spirits; the best way to remedy both situations is carrying her over the threshold! 
The Romans believed the bride should be reluctant to leave the home of her father therefore the groom acted as the villainous scapegoat and stole the bride, carrying her away to their new future together. There is also the belief that evil spirits hovered at the threshold of the newlywed's new home. The bride had to be lifted to ensure that the spirits couldn't enter her body through the soles of her feet. Sounds kind of creepy and definitely not the reason my husband carried me across the threshold. He did for the fun and tradition of it...and perhaps the fear I would actually trip over the doorway as it is well within my clutzy nature.




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5. Save the top layer of the Wedding Cake

The superstition to saving the cake is to bring you good fortune. I think it's a trap. It is a way to see if you know your way around the kitchen and can make something that's been stuck in the freezer for a year taste delicious. Back in days of yore, in 2002, when the internet was young and we had no idea the vast resources available, I wrapped my cake in foil, then put it in a plastic bag. A year later it had a cardboard texture and the icing was more like playdoh; but I digress. 

Wedding cake has been around forever but the tradition of saving it is from 19th century England when cakes were exquisite to taste, elaborate to view, and laced with liquor to help it keep till either your first anniversary or the christening of your first child. Back then the three layers served a functional purpose. First layer for reception, second layer for distribution, and the third for the christening because more often than not children came right away after the wedding!  Times have changed quite a bit since this idea was put into practice. Now we save it for fortune. If you can successfully store your top layer and enjoy it a year later, that indeed, is good fortune.


describe the imageThere you have it; a few of the top common wedding superstitions and where they may have originated. I enjoyed the traditions we incorporated into our wedding. Some of them were time-honored and elegant, others were fortunately captured on film lest we "forget", and all made the day one of the best days ever. 

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Ten Ideas For Your Wedding Anniversary In Indy

Posted by Tue, Jul 22, 2014 @ 02:17 PM

Robyn SmithSummer time is the most popular time for weddings for those couples that want to have their special day outside! That also means that summer time is the most popular time for anniversaries! Coming up with the perfect anniversary gift for that special someone can be very time consuming and hard for some people. For those that are approaching their one year wedding anniversary this summer, or any other wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas besides the amazing flowers we love to provide to our customers.

Canal Indianapolis Downtown1. A walk along the canal in downtown Indianapolis is always something cost effective but fun for couples to do together. The canal also has pedal boats that you and your partner can rent and travel up and down the beautiful canal and experience the sites of downtown Indianapolis.

2. The zoo! Now some people may think the zoo is just for kids but who doesn’t like animals? And who wouldn’t enjoy the perks of slowly strolling around the zoo, checking out any exhibit that you would like, without having to chase your little people around or missing out on your favorite animals because the kids have had enough and are ready to go?

frenchlick anniversary ideas3. Maybe you and your partner are more into historical buildings. The West Baden Springs hotel in French Lick offers 70 minute walking tours of the hotel and grounds that take place four times a day every day of the year except Christmas day. Spend a lovely evening at one of the four restaurants located on the grounds of the hotel and have a night to relax in one of the many rooms of the this historical hotel.



Turkey Run State Park

4. Indiana Repertory Theater hosts many theatrical performances and concerts throughout the year if your special someone is into that. It might not be Broadway but if you are unable to travel far this would be a great way to catch one of the many Broadway shows that comes through Indianapolis!

5. Rolling hills and streams of the outdoors more your thing? Check out Turkey Run State Park and enjoy a long peaceful stroll through the wilderness with that special someone!

6. Maybe you and your partner have the chance to travel out of state, a trip to a remote beach or a cruise is always a way to spend special time with that special someone.

jewel box flower bouquet7. Only have a sitter for the kiddos for a few hours? Take the evening and check out a new restaurant that you and your partner have never been to and then enjoy a movie.

8. Maybe you and your partner don’t have the chance to escape for some one on one time and as much as she loves flowers, she would rather have something that she can keep for many years to come. Come check out the wide variety of silk flower arrangements we have in the shop!

9. Over the years you have given that special someone several beautiful pieces of jewelry and she has no good place to keep them when they are not being worn. We can help you out with that too! We have a large variety of wooden musical jewelry boxes to pick from.

hand picked flowers10. Flowers are always a great way to go but maybe she already has several vases from flowers you have sent her before. Take some time and come into the shop and have one of our customer service staff help you personally select a beautiful bouquet of handpicked flowers to take home to that special one in your life!

As you and your special someone approach that anniversary time, take some time to check out the local attractions in our wonderful state and check out the amazing selection of flowers and gifts we have in our shop!

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There's Always Room To Grow!

Posted by Tue, Jun 17, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Sarah Gillespie DyeThis week marks the two year anniversary of my continuing education adventure with my youngest sister, Della. Two years ago, on June 18, 2012, Della and I nervously entered the South Florida School of Design to take an intensive, 3 week advanced design course. It’s funny, but no matter what age I am (I’m nearly 40 years old), I still feel jittery on my first day of school!!


GlamilliaPalm tree centerpieceThe adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” played through my mind as I walked through the door that morning. I grew up in the floral business, I had learned the art of floral design from some of the best instructors in the Midwest, I have traveled the country to attend Master Classes with world renowned instructors—so why travel all the way to South Florida for an intensive, three week course? For the sunny beaches, of course!!Just kidding—although, that was a nice perk of attending design school in a coastal town in South Florida! Actually, continuing education is an important aspect of any industry. If you remain stationary, you will never go anywhere.


Della and Sarah bird of paradise corsage

It was amazing to me what I was able to learn and re-learn during my time as a student there. Walter, the instructor, has had an amazing journey in the floral business. I not only learned design techniques from him but I also gleaned information about the industry and daily operations that I was able to take home and put to work.




Della and Pearl english bulldog on beachPerhaps most important, I reconnected with my youngest sister during our adventure. We have worked together in our family business all of our lives, but sometimes we take the little things (like each other) for granted. We laughed so hard we cried, we took hikes in state parks on the weekends, we studied together for our exams… It was truly a precious time for me.

Bill Baggs Florida State park



As blog posts go, this one doesn’t have a lot to offer as far as insight or revelation in the floral industry. However, I hope that you remember to “grow yourself” a little bit every day and take time to appreciate the relationships you have with your friends and family!

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