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Gift Ideas for Him and Where to Find Them

Posted by Fri, Jun 24, 2016 @ 03:38 PM


Birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day...these are the days which can be excruciatingly difficult for those of us who are clueless on the perfect gift for "him". You know who I'm talking about....that important guy or guys in your life.  

The only guy in my life I don't have to melt my brain creatively in the gift department is my dad. Without fail, he is most delighted with sweaters and sweatshirts. He loves receiving these from me to the point where someone compliments him on any sweater, he will say "Kelly bought it for me" when in fact, it's possible one of my other siblings did. After a few incidents they have left the sweater purchasing to me. Gifts for my dad? Done and Done. Everyone else? Oh, the agony. But never fear, I've compiled a list of gift ideas to make your next gift for him a little bit easier! 


Finding the right gift can be hard to find and if you google "gifts for him" your search is far from over! Is your gift for the great outdoorsman? Sports enthusiast? Geek? So many searches, so little time therefore let's start with a winning list with something for everyone! Dads, brothers, husbands and friends. I love's Top 100 Best Gifts for Men because it's there's a great range in price, lifestyle, age. After scanning the list I was surprised to find quite a few items that I would purchase for the guys in my life! My top three items were the The Official John Wayne Way to Grill (for the foodie); Pyle SoundBox Splash Waterproof Portable Speaker (for the music lover); and the Vivere Double Space Hammock (for the outdoorsman). Great variety and price points for a variety of lifestyles all in one list. BOOM. DONE.
Let's say DIY is your style! I know it's mine and the very first thing I do is look at my favorite pinterest boards. Sometimes going to the place with a billion pins is overwhelming therefore take a short cut to  The Art of Manliness list of DIY projects is overflowing with great ideas which you can DIY or give to him as a gift to do! I especially love the altoid tin survival kits and all the ways you can personalize it and the best beef jerky in the world because...beef jerky and I want to make it for myself post-haste! 
My three kiddos always want to take part in gifts for dad! Every once in awhile we carve out a large block of time to work on a special gift! One of our favorites is painting ceramic bowls. Breakfast time is always bonding time with dad so cereal bowls have been a big hit!
Not feeling the painting? Try one of these Kid Friendly DIY Gift Ideas from! From cute candy cards to pretty cool bicycle brake clocks there is something for everyone. I can't say my favorite on this list because it's bound to be a birthday gift pretty soon! 
Of course I'm going to mention Gillespie Florists! Flowers do not seem to be synonymous with gifts for him but have you seen what we can do? Planters or flowers for the home, office, and man cave in fun containers like jeeps, Ford trucks, sports balls and even grills! Snack baskets, gourment food baskets, stones for the garden. Send a "Just Because" surprise bouquet, just because. The kids can join in the fun, walk the red carpet and select flowers for the important guys in their life! 
Let's bring it back home. I've shared some of my favorite "For Him" lists with you as well as ideas I've personally used! These ideas serve as starting points to get you going in the right direction for the perfect gift for him. Online, hand delivered, DIY, whatever your style; as long as the gift is thoughtful and from the heart, it is sure to be a hit with him.  Happy Gifting!
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Birthday Gifts: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Posted by Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 07:22 AM

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"There are 364 days when 
you might get un-birthday presents 
and only one for birthday 
presents you know"

-Lewis Carroll


describe the image Lewis Carroll has a good point...but, so do I. Birthdays are fun. Getting gifts is a lot of fun and giving them? The most fun of all of course! We all know it's better to give than receive...unless your love language is gifts, like mine (hint hint) but I digress. There is a high probability if you are reading this you are looking for ways to take your gift to the next level for a special someone on the day which is just for them! When you think of it that way, why wouldn't you want to celebrate and/or make the day a bit more extraordinary? 

Upgrade, level up, super size, all these terms shout "spend more money!!"; but do you have to? It's up to you! The beauty of creativity is it involves just a bit more brain power, and some found objects around the house...and chocolate, don't forget the chocolate! Now before we get started keep in mind these gift ideas don't need to be limited to just birthdays, they will work for almost any occasion!


TeacherMMPoemJarGiftCardLet's start with something popular, the gift card. This is by far the most popular gift and much appreciated by the recipient. Not that fancy? Not impressed? I wasn't finished. Add flair to the gift card by including an item related to the gift. Manicure/Pedicure gift certificate? Include nail polish or small manicure kit! Got a Starbucks fiend? Ask for an extra cup, fill with coffee beans or candy treats with the card in the center! There are many ways to dress up a gift card without breaking the bank. With alittle extra time, thought, and great ideas here, your next gift card will have extra "Wow" or rather "WOW!!" factor. 


describe the image

Next up is the fantastic gift of food! Dinner out, lunch in, cookbooks, fancy kitchen aids, there is no end to the ingenious ways you can present this gift! Let's just look at a couple of quick and easy options which go beyond the average "wine and dine". Is your special someone a foodie? Do they like playing in the kitchen? Don't take them to any old restaurant, get adventurous and visit a deli shop such as Goose the Market in Indianapolis! Fresh meats, cheese, wine; it has everything under the sun and perfect for trying new foods while relaxing with a glass of wine or tasty beer!

Restaurants sound too blasé? Stock a basket full of delight with gourmet food and hit a local winery! Do a wine tasting and purchase your favorite and enjoy it outdoors (or at home on the floor as indoor candle-lit picnic)! Don't forget to add a decadent slice of cake for your birthday girl!


Paint your own vase piecesSome of you may be thinking, "Ok, that sounds great but been there, done that". All right then, I challenge you to the next level of creativity: time to get crafty! You don't need to be an arts and crafts extraordinaire to make the perfect gift, in fact, this is the time to get the kids involved if you wish! A fabulous gift which will not only capture a moment in time but also have a functional AND decorative element in the home is a vase. This vase can be purchased and decorated at your local pottery painting facility. If this is a gift from the kids, plan for it by surprising mom with a "time-out" for a few hours while you take the kids to select the perfect container, paint it, and wait on pins and needles for the 4-6 day firing period before taking it home to be filled with flowers purchased from your favorite local florist...That would be Gillespie Florists for you, Indianapolis!  If the kids are not old enough to be set free in a pottery studio, have no fear, there are online kits you can purchase and do at home. Key ingrediant to doing either version is getting mom out of the house for a few shouldn't be a problem. Best thing about this gift is filling it with flowers for occasions such as Mother's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and just because...

There are many OTHER crafty options I have not mentioned but may revisit in another post for great ideas for Mother's Day and/or "Girls Night Out" but that is for another day!


Now it is time for the ultimate gift. One which will work your brain muscles like an Olympic champion and test your planning abilities to the extreme! It is the one and only Seven Day Birthday Extravaganza! 

task 01

Having a seven day birthday extravaganza doesn't have to be expensive; instead of emptying the wallet try expanding the brain cells and do something small each day with a theme! A few examples are: 

  • Mega-Hug Monday - Hug her every time you see her and then some

  • Totally Awesome Task Tuesday - It could be a simple chore like doing the dishes, filling up her car's gas tank, or running a special errand! 

  • What's for Dinner Wednesday - If she's the head chef at Chez Vous, give her the night off       and make dinner or take her out!

These are just a few examples for making the entire week special. Side note, I tried the birthday week out on my husband and he LOVED it. I had also purchased a couple of presents and dispensed them throughout his "birthday journey". He said he felt super appreciated all week long, and isn't that the greatest gift of all?  


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So, how is your noggin holding up? Excited? Motivated? Overwhelmed? Not quite ready to enter into the realm of crafty awesomeness and mental body-building?  It's ok, we have you covered. Yes, there are limitless possibilities for gifts which take extra time, energy, creativity, etc; however, it's good to know if something goes awry in the clever planning department that there is always something you know your special someone is going to love. A fresh, vibrant, lovely and cheerful arrangement full of flowers expressing "Happy Birthday to you!"

Needing fresh ideas for birthday or just want to send a sweet something to mark a special occasion? Check out our website or stop by to fill the kid-painted, mother approved vase with what we have in stock!

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