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Halloween and Dia de los Muertos

Posted by Thu, Oct 12, 2023 @ 05:29 PM

20230715_152752_0000 As the leaves turn golden and the air takes on a crisp chill, we're thrilled to bring you a bewitching blend of floral enchantment. Halloween and Dia de los Muertos fall close together each year and are often lumped together. Let's explore some of the unique qualities of each of these holidays.


www.realsimple.comthmbvWVDlAP2bZRp0OuWbsHv4acxbX8=1500x0filtersno_upscale()max_bytes(150000)strip_icc()pumpkin-carving-hacks-tips-2000-64e61e-1Halloween - Embrace the Eerie:
Halloween, a night of spookiness and playful frights, is all about embracing the eerie and letting your imagination run wild. At Gillespie Florists, we've crafted a bewitching collection of blooms that capture the spirit of Halloween. Create sinister centerpieces or boo-tiful bouquets for everyday decor or a costume party. 

halloween-7481374_1280Dia de los Muertos - Honoring Loved Ones:
Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a beautiful Mexican tradition where families come together to honor their loved ones who have passed away. It's a celebration of life, love, and remembrance. Create an ofrenda (altar) that truly honors your ancestors with our breathtaking blooms.

At Gillespie Florists, we're here to help you celebrate both of these wonderful occasions with our stunning floral arrangements. Whether you're looking to add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween or a heartfelt tribute to your Dia de los Muertos festivities, our florists are ready to create something truly magical for you.

Visit our website or stop by our store today to explore our wide selection of enchanting blooms.

Upcoming Event:

Join us for Trick or Treat in store and get a free flower, candy and furbaby treats on 10/31/23 from 4-6PM.

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Check out our assortment of Halloween arrangements


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Trick or Flower at Gillespie Florists!

Posted by Mon, Oct 26, 2015 @ 10:45 AM

Halloween is almost here! To me, it's the most wonderful time of the year...till Christmas! And what better way to celebrate a day of dressing up as your favorite super hero, TV character, or what have you than to decorate with spooky stuff, eat candy, and create scary fun bouquets? That's how we roll here at Gillespie Florists!

Know what else we love about Halloween? Trick-or-Treaters! And because we enjoy costumes, candy, Trick-or-Treaters and more, we have a special treat for you! 




Are your little Trick or Treaters anxious to get the Halloween ball rolling? You know they are going to wake up bright and early on Saturday with their costumes on and ready to seek out candy! Bring everyone over to our shop for a few treats of our own as we host a few Trick or Treat hours in our seventh year and running...

Treat or Flower!

Except it's Treat AND Flower! We send off our costumed Trick-or-Treaters in style with candy AND a free flower! Is there a more fabulous way to start the evening than with a fresh flower to go along with the impending harvest of sweet treats?




Trick or Treaters



Still not sure it sounds like fun? Let me convince you with some pictures of a few of our visitors during All Hallow's Eve past! We have some really cool displays that are perfect for taking pictures! We'll take pictures for you and will be happy to email you a copy of the picture!


Trick or Treat Hours

Saturday Oct. 31st 4p-6p



Hmm...costumes, candy, carnations, pictures, a chance to practice trick or treating before the official hours begin...sounds like a great way to start Halloween!  Be sure to add our shop to your trick or treat route. We will be there with flowers and candy at the ready and excited to show off our spooky fun displays, scary bouquets, and creative costuming too!  

See you soon!


Click here for Halloween Bouquets!


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