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The Prom Flowers of the Vampire Diaries

Posted by Tue, May 14, 2013 @ 02:50 PM

Vampire Prom FlowersDella Mendenhall anything goes promEvery year I do a blog on the flowers of the Glee Prom but there is usually a prom on Glee by now. Vampire Diaries however has had a Prom this year with a great scene showing off some different Prom flower options!
Vampire hand tied prom flowers
If you do not watch Vampire Diaries, let me give you the 411 on what’s going on in this episode. The series follows the life of Elena, who falls in love with a 150+ year-old vampire named Stefan. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan's vicious older brother Damon Salvatore returns and eventually falls in love with Elena as well. The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia and includes other supernatural beings such as werewolves, witches, ghosts, and hybrids. Through a complicated series of events Elena is turned into a vampire and because of the death of her brother Jeremy, she “turns off” her emotions. In this episode, Stefan and Damon are convinced they can get Elena to turn on her emotions by taking her to Prom and reminding her of all of the good times in her life and showing her how many people still love and care about her. 

sweetheart rose corsage vampireSince Stefan and Damon are over a hundred years old, it’s not surprising they take part in the time-honored tradition in bringing their prom date flowers (even though they are taking the same girl). Stefan gives Elena a hand tied bouquet (a.k.a. nosegay) of gerbera daisies and green roses. Even though her emotions are turned off, she does accept the bouquet. I think that is very telling of Elena true feelings toward Stefan because when Damon tries to give Elena a white rose with pink ribbon corsage; she tries to refuse it and not wear it. Of course if you know Damon, he won’t take “No” for an answer and with his super Vampire skills; he grabs Elena’s wrist and straps that corsage on her like her life depends on it! Elena does show up to prom with Damon’s corsage on and doesn’t have Stefan’s bouquet so, we could say that is very telling as well. But I’m on team Stefan so I am choosing to read more into Elena accepting the flowers from Stefan.

perfect corsage for vampire diaries 
Pictured here is a three sweetheart rose corsage, that would be perfect for Elena to have worn in this episode! I don’t have a picture that looks like her corsage but hers had sweetheart roses and a keepsake bracelet so, I thought this one would be a good fit. By the way, I think it is great we are seeing keepsake bracelets on television! This corsage is called Angelina and includes pink sweetheart roses, white accent flower and pink bracelet.

boutonniere for a vampireLater in the show I noticed the character Matt had on a single white rose boutonniere. I wonder who got that for him? The witch Bonnie? The vampire Caroline? Or did he get one for himself? I’m just glad he was wearing one because I noticed Elena didn’t care enough to get her dates a boutonniere.  The Focus boutonniere is similar to the one Matt is wearing with it’s white rose and accent flower. I think it would have looked better on Matt because of the boutonniere holder it is in. Boutonniere holders are easier to use than pin-on ones and they have a cleaner look.

Vampire centerpieces diariesI love the centerpieces for the tables! They were fresh flowers with a lighted lamp in the center. I like how they combined two things people like to have in the center of the table and combined it instead of choosing one or the other. The bouquets included white lilies, purple stock, burgundy carnations, white buttons and accent flowers. A lot of schools choose not to have fresh flower centerpieces at their proms but we have a local high school that still does it and the kids love it! They keep the cost down by bring us their own containers and many times bring in items for us to include. This year they brought us party masks to include in the bouquet.

nosegay vampire prom diaries flowersCaroline, vampire and friend to Elena, left the Prom early because she was upset that she couldn’t spend her senior prom with her werewolf/vampire hybrid boyfriend, Tyler. She came home to set up for a party she was having later that night and there was Tyler waiting for her with a hand tied bouquet of flowers. This bouquet included lavender daisies, cushion pompons, alstroemeria lilies and solidego. It was very pretty and very sweet of him to bring.

Hopefully there won’t be vampires at your prom but there should be flowers! Go to our website to view our entire selection but clicking below!

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Check out our latest video on Prom flowers below! 

Vampire Dairies airs on the CW network on Thursday nights. Make sure to catch the next episode or watch an episode on thier website now by CLICKING HERE! 

All images of Vampire Diaries are owned by the CW Network. 


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Top Five Prom Corsages 2013!

Posted by Mon, Apr 29, 2013 @ 11:02 AM

Della mendenhallGold and Black Orchid wrist corsage

We have had a couple of weekends of smaller proms and there are some definite favorites from our new 2013 Prom Flower Collection! Listed below is the top five!

 5.  Whether you are an Avon Orioles fan or just wearing black and gold, this corsage will make a big and flashy statement. The Oriole wrist corsage is created peach gold cream wrist corsagewith Mokara orchids painted gold, black ribbon, thin gold ribbon, gold bead sprays, black leaves and a keepsake black bead and rhinestone bracelet! Item#13PN01          $48.95


4.  The Venetian corsage has warm, rich colors and textures! The Venetian wrist corsage is intricately designed with peach roses, mini lotus pods with glitter, bead sprays, cream and gold ribbon, green bead sprays, cream and pink accent flowers and a keepsake pink/clear crystal beaded bracelet with rhinestones!  Item# 13PN22                  $65.95

White Calla Prom scepter


3.  Who says you have to wear a corsage?  This year we worked hard to create new designs to meet every girl’s style! The Black Magic Scepter is not a wrist corsage but is intended to take the place of it. Be the Queen of the Prom with Black Magic Scepter! This scepter is created with white posy callas, white tea roses, black glitter ribbon, white beads, silver wire and iridescent bead strands!   Item # 13PN48                  $69.95

Flowers prom heels 

2.  Here’s another alternative to the traditional wrist corsage! White Hot is a corsage like design of flowers we created to be added to a customer’s prom shoes. White Hot includes, three white tea roses, three glittered scabiosa pods, pink sequin accents and pink rhinestones. We create this with ribbons so you can easily attach the flowers to your shoe or bring in your shoes and we can do it for you!  Item# 13PN09                  $39.95 

Skull Grim Gothic Prom Flowers1.  Our designers want to create prom flowers that match each girl's individual style and this corsage is the epitome of that! The Grim wrist corsage is shockingly repellent and inspires horror to any who look upon it! This corsage includes blood red roses, skull charms, black feathers, black ribbon, silver chain, glitter, other grisly accents and a keepsake bracelet! If we can create a corsage like this just imagine what we can come up with for your individual style! Item# 13PN26                  $74.95

We are happy to make changes to the color of flowers and other accessories in your prom flowers to suit your needs!

After our prom season is over, I will post another blog letting you know our overall Top Five Best Sellers! 

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Want to see some more of our favorite designs for 2013? Check out this video below!


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Meet the Prom King & Queen for 2012!

Posted by Sat, May 26, 2012 @ 10:38 AM

Della Gillespie MendenhallLast year, We at Gillespie Florists thought it would be fun to have a Prom King & Queen Contest! So, We held it again this year and it was a hit! Prom customers only needed to post their picture on our Facebook Fan Page wearing our flowers! We then asked our Facebook fans to "Like" their favorite picture or make a positive comment about it to determine the winner. We had several people enter but there can be only one winner! 2012 Prom King

And the Winner is...

The Results are in! Our Prom King & Queen for 2012 is....

Kelli Huffman & Tim Oconnor!

Kelli  & Tim each get a $25.00 gift card to Gillespie Florists and Kelli will be crowned with a tiara and flowers!

They had a whopping 68 "Likes" and comments on their photo! Congratulations!!


Hot pink sweetheart rose corsageKelli wore a three-sweetheart rose corsage similar to the one pictured here. Leah's was pink, black & silver and looked great with Tim's matching sweetheart rose boutonniere!

As a Thank You to everyone who entered the contest, we want to offer you a free Sunshine Bouquet! Just stop in the store any time, give us your name and we will give you your Sunshine!

Those Contestants are:

Meredith Warbinton & Quinn
MacKenzie McKnight and Christian Ewoldt
Allyssa Ashcraft & Sergey Dawson
Madison Raine Fines & her date
Brenda Danielle & Nick
Taylor Purcell & her date
Hannah Todd and her date
Carly Thomas & her date
Holly Wood & Griffin Goldman
Debbie Trowbridge
Glenda Pierce Sluss

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest! Until next year!

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GleeK for 'Glee' Prom 2012

Posted by Thu, May 10, 2012 @ 12:12 PM

Della Gillespie MendenhallGlee Prom Flowers 2012 Rachel FinnLast year, I blogged about the 2011 ‘Glee’ Prom and had positive feedback so, here’s the scoop on what flowers our favorite characters wore to ‘Glee’ Prom 2012!  First and foremost, I noticed that there more characters on ‘Glee’ wearing Prom flowers this season compared to season. As a florist, that makes me very happy!

No Dino Flowers!

The theme for the 2012 ‘Glee’ Prom was Prom-asaurus.  Although there weren’t any flowers
from the Jurassic era, there was plenty of variety in the types of flowers worn to the prom. Like last year, the characters wore carnations, roses and orchids. However, this year, daisies made an appearance and so did keepsake bracelets!

Most Memorable Corsage

Rachels Glee prom corsageThe most memorable corsage in my opinion, was Rachel's because of the story behind it. Rachel, Blaine and Kurt decide to have an Anti-Prom party. Because Finn was nominated for Prom King, he felt obligated to attend prom. After a surprise from Quinn, Finn decided to ditch Prom to be with his girl! He gallantly showed up to Anti-Prom and talked everyone into going with him! Before leaving for Prom he gives Rachel a corsage. She wore orchids again this year but with a twist- light pink dendrobium (which was a great accent color for her dress). Her corsage looked similar to the one pictured here, including the keepsake bracelet.

Favorite CorsageQuinns Glee Prom Corsage

I absolutely loved Quinn’s corsage! In my opinion, her corsage way way too big last year (it engulfed her hand)! This
year, her corsage was the perfect size and beautiful! Her corsage was placed on a keepsake bracelet that sparkled and shined.  The corsage had perfectly matching lavender ribbon, white accents and white roses(I think). It’s hard to tell what the exact flowers are when these girls are dancing all over the screen! Quinn’s corsage was similar to the one pictured here.

Blaines Glee Prom flowerBoutonnieres

I did not care for Kurt’s Boutonniere. It was too simple for my taste-just a Glee Prom Flowers 2012 Kurt Blainetiny pin-on mini-carnation. It’s not that Kurt has to have some humongous boutonniere but I certainly expected more style for him! Though I liked Blaine’s boutonniere, I was surprised by it, too. He had on a large white carnation with a metal boutonniere holder, which is very cool and the style you would expect to see this season.  However, if you look at episode from last year, he wore almost the exact same boutonniere. The only difference was that the carnation in the holder was pink instead of white. I was expecting a little more pizazz from them both! Blaine’s Boutonniere was similar to the one on the right.

Principal Figgins’ Glee Boutonniere Principal Figgins’ Boutonniere was a pleasant surprise! He wore a daisy boutonniere similar to the one pictured here. Daisies are becoming a more popular Prom flower choice. We design with daisies frequently in corsages and boutonnieres here at Gillespie’s. Principal Figgins pulled off his look with style and looked very comfortable in it!

In Indianapolis, our Prom season is coming to a close with only two weekends left.

 If you are a GleeK like me and want ‘Glee’ Prom flowers to accent your style, click below!

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Prom Flowers That Glow!

Posted by Fri, May 04, 2012 @ 11:02 AM

Della Gillespie Mendenhall Glowing Prom Flowers? Is this for real? Yes, it is! We excited to introduce Galassia Flowers Fluorescence corsages into our prom collection!  This product enhances the natural beauty of flowers, and takes flower color to a new level by giving them a spectacular glow!

For their beauty to be revealed, they need ultra-violet (UV) light supplied by custom-designed illumination device and a specially formulated solution applied directly to the flowers.  These unique devices are imported from Adelaide, Australia- a city with a strong reputation in plant science research and development.  We are honored to be one of the few florists in the United States that can provide this product to our customers!  As a matter of fact, we learned about this product from networking with a florist in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

galassiahowitworks.jpgGalassia Corsage - Lights on in lighted room!

How does it work?
First, we create a one of our signature corsages and design it on the Galassia bracelet with the lighted device attached. Next, we spray Galassia special formulation of fluorescence on the entire corsage. Then, when the big night arrives, the corsage is worn on the wrist, complete with an adjustable band.  The device has a convenient on/off switch so you can decide when to light up the room! 

Galassia Corsage - Lights on in dark room! 

The product works best in a dark room and produces a “black light” effect. The battery life is 6-8 hours but the formulation can last for months!The photos above are showing the same corsage in a lighted room and in a darkened room. Wow! What an amazing difference!

If you want the Galassia Flowers Fluorescence on your corsage, Contact us at 317.273.1100 or use our convenient Contact us form!




Check out this video of our glowing prom corsage in action!









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My Top Five Prom Corsages for 2012

Posted by Fri, Apr 27, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

Della Gillespie Mendenhall My Top Five Prom Corsages

We have had two weekends of Proms and are coming up on three more! I get asked all the time what is my favorite prom corsage. I don’t have just one favorite because Gillespie’s has so many! But I think I can narrow it down to five.

Pink Ice Prom flowers
5. Pink Ice

This corsage has a unique bracelet that has rhinestones cascading down the hand! To help hold the rhinestones in place is a small adjustable ring that goes on your middle finger. We added light pink sweetheart roses, sheer metallic silver ribbon, metallic silver leaves and rhinestone sprays.

Couture prom corsage
4.  Couture

Couture is a breath-taker! This prom corsage has a rhinestone “belt” bracelet with white Mini Callas, sweetheart roses, sheer silver ribbon, strands of rhinestones, rhinestone sprays, diamond like pins, glass & rhinestone picks, black lazer leaves and black feathers! We could not have fit anything more into this wrist corsage is we tried!
Rock Star Prom flowers

3.  Rock Star

You will feel like a Rock Star with this corsage! This wrist corsage has a rhinestone and silver flash bracelet with pink sweetheart roses, wax flowers, blue flash ribbon, lazer leaves, guitar and Rock Star accents. You will love how the blue ribbon dangles off your wrist!

Pandora Prom Corsage2. Pandora

This was my absolute favorite corsage last year and for good reason! This corsage has the perfect combination of colors and offers diversity with its accents. I have tons of girls model their corsage after this one! Pandora is designed on a rhinestone and silver flash bracelet, has orange sweetheart roses, feathers, purple flash ribbon, green ribbon, lazer leaves and spiraled wire.

1. Sugar SkullsSugars Skulls Goth Prom flowers

Prom is about dressing up in your dream dress, getting your dream date and dancing the night away! Every girl wants their prom dress to match their style! Sugar Skulls is the embodiment of that! We want customers know we can tailor our corsages to them! Sugar Skulls is created on a black bracelet with a vintage feel and has lavender sweetheart roses, statice, lazer leaves, black feathers, rhinestones,  black beads, black flash ribbon and skull accents.

Create a Prom corsage that matches your personal style! Click below to start now!

Click me


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Meet the Prom King & Queen for 2011!!

Posted by Sat, May 21, 2011 @ 10:21 AM

Della Gillespie MendenhallWe at Gillespie Florists thought it would be fun to have a Prom King & Queen Contest! Prom customers only needed to post their picture on our Facebook Fan Page wearing our flowers! We then asked our Facebook fans to "Like" their favorite picture or make a positive comment about it to determine the winner. We had several people enter but there can be only one winner! 

Leah & Steven Prom 2011 Winnters

And the Winner is...

The Results are in! Our Prom King & Queen for 2011 is....


Leah Nurnberg & Steven Melton!

They are the couple on the right.

Leah & Steven each get a $25.00 gift card to Gillespie Florists and Leah will be crowned with a tiara!


They had a whopping 58 "Likes" and comments on their photo! Congratulations!!

alstroemeria corsage white  Leah wore a three-alstroemeria corsage similar to the one pictured here. Leah's was white and silver and looked great with Steven's matching alstroemeria boutonniere!



As a Thank You to everyone who entered the contest, we want to offer you a free Sunshine Bouquet! Just stop in the store any time, give us your name and we will give you your Sunshine!

Those Contestants are: 

Tyler Weir & Meredith Warbinton

Carly Lewis & Jacob Miller

Brenda Danielle & Tommy Dennis

Ryan Page & Cory Urick

Michael Brissey & Simi Bean

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest! Until next year!


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Prom King & Queen Contest at Gillespie Florists

Posted by Wed, May 18, 2011 @ 12:35 PM

Della Gillespie Mendenhall  This year we asked Prom customers to post a snap shot of them selves wearing Gillespie Florists flowers on our Facebook Fan Page to get the chance to be crowned the Gillespie Florists Prom King & Queen!



Prom Couple with Prom Flowers Prom King & Queen Contest

corsage and boutonniere

Here is what our Prom King & Queen Hopefuls had to do:

·  Take a snapshot wearing Gillespie's Flowers.

·  Post it on our Wall.

·  Tag everyone in the picture.

·  Gillespie’s adds the picture to "Prom King & Queen Contest Album".

·  Then they ask friends and family to "Like" their photo or make a positive comment on the photo.

·  One week after the end of Prom Season, we will tally up the "Likes" and Comments and whoever has the most wins!

Prom flowers 2011Prom Corsage & boutonnere 2011Prom Flowers 2011 group shot

 What do they win?

The Queen will be crowned with a tiara and both King and Queen will be awarded with $25.00 Gift Cards to Gillespie Florists!  And don't forget, Bragging Rights!

Want to help decide who wins? Click Here to go to the "Prom King & Queen Contest Album" and “Like” your favorite Now!

Winners will be announced on Facebook May 21st!

Check out our Fabulous selection of Prom Flowers!

Prom Flowers Indianapolis

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I'm a GleeK for 'Glee' Prom Flowers!

Posted by Wed, May 11, 2011 @ 01:43 PM

Della Gillespie Mendenhall  I just want to thank the makers of 'Glee' for having all the main characters of 'Glee' wear Prom Flowers! To me, of course, it's just not Prom with out the flowers!

Glee Prom Flowers


'Glee' Certified

So, What kinds of flowers are good enough for our favorite 'Glee' characters? I am glad to say there were a great variety of flowers, from Carnations to Roses to Orchids. I think they did a great job showing that you don't have to get roses to look great. But it doesn't mean that the producers of 'Glee' skimped out.

Most Memorable

Quinn from "Glee" Orchid Corsage  The most memorable corsage was Quinn's. No one will forget the sweet scene where Rachel told Finn what type of corsage to get Quinn! Though, I have to mention, she said a Gardenia corsage not orchid. But Finn still did great! He got Quinn a Dendrobium Orchid and Rose corsage with a green ribbon. Very similar to the one pictured here! I also noticed it was on a pearl beaded keepsake wristlet.

Favorite Corsage

Santana from "Glee" CorsageMy Favorite Corsage was Santana's! Quinn's was a little too big for my taste but Santana's was perfect! I couldn't get a good enough look to tell if it was Carnations or Roses but what was great about it was, it matched perfectly to her red dress but didn't take away from it. It had just three flowers, a little ribbon and a few leaves! Similar to the one pictured to the right! 

The Boutonnieres

Kurt from "Glee" Boutonniere  I really like Kurt and Blaine's Boutonnieres! I loved the use of the Boutonniere holder, like the one pictured here to the left. In this picture, there is a yellow rose with blue wire, black leaves and the boutonniere holder. But Kurt and Blaine had a beautiful pink carnation. It gave it a more dressed up chic look with out looking too frilly!

The rest of the guys wore Roses or Carnation pin on boutonnieres. Finn had a great matching Rose and Dendrobium Orchid boutonniere with a green ribbon to match Quinn. It was great!

The Prom season is almost over! This weekend is the last of the Proms for Gillespie Florists. If you are a GleeK like me and want your 'Glee' prom flowers click below!

"Glee" Prom Flowers

Watch this Video of Designer Favorites!

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Top 5 Prom Corsages for 2011!

Posted by Sat, Apr 30, 2011 @ 02:57 PM

Della Gillespie Mendenhall  With our Prom season halfway over, we've got a pretty good idea what's hot and what's not for 2011! I wanted to share this with those of you that still have a Prom coming up this year!


Top 5 Prom Corsages

Three Sweet Heart Rose Corsage   Orange in Indianapolis IN, Gillespie Florists1. Three Sweet Heart Rose Wrist Corsage

With three delicate sweet hear roses, sheer hot pink ribbon, silver beads, iridescent leaves and silver glitter tulle this corsage is sure to get the party started! This corsage comes on our free wristlet but you can pick out one of our many keepsake wristlets to go with it instead to remember your perfect Prom Night!

Stardust in Indianapolis IN, Gillespie Florists2. Stardust Wrist Corsage

This dendrobium orchid wrist corsage includes green dendrobium orchids, white wax flower, with a simulated diamond pin centering a pin wheel design of black and silver ribbon and zebra ribbon adorned on to a black rhinestone wristlet!


Bauble on Prom corsage in indianapolis


3. Bauble On Wrist Corsage

This wrist corsage includes three mini carnations, fuschia lazer leaves, iridescent beads, sheer fuschia ribbon on a keepsake large iridescent beaded bracelet!


Boho Wrist Corsage

     3. Boho Wrist Corsage

This corsage has three lovely sweet heart roses in a circle design, silver and black sheer ribbon, matching red rhinestone sprays, black lazer leaves and a beaded gunmetal keepsake wristlet!


Three Alstro Corsage   Purple in Indianapolis IN, Gillespie Florists


5. Three Alstroemeria Wrist Corsage

A great way to have flowers that are a little different with spending a lot of money! This wrist corsage has three alstroemeria lilies with lavender beads, purples leaves, delicate sheer purple ribbon on a white beaded wristlet!


The great thing about our prom corsages is that there are thousand of combinations! We have over 100 ribbon choices, dozens of leaf, bead and tulle choices! We of dozens of keepsake bracelets to put your corsage on and most importantly we have hundreds of flower combinations! Best of all, don't see what you need? Just ask! We would love to help you get the perfect corsage for the perfect night!

See the perfect corsage on our site and want to share it with your friends or your date? There's an easy Facebook and Twitter button on each product!

Check out our Top 5 Corsages and more! Click below!

describe the image

Check out Our Designer Favorites for 2011!


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