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Fall Wedding Flowers Spotlight: Kelli and Zachary

Posted by Fri, Oct 11, 2019 @ 04:02 PM

Raw_badgetag-01Fall Wedding Season is well underway and we've recently had one of our own staff as a customer for her special day! Not only did she use our services she also did all the floral processing (part of her day job) herself!

We're taking an up close look at how Kelli's wedding flowers featuring sunflowers turned out for her and Zachary's Brown County wedding .



Kelli and Zachary's feature flower for their special day is the sunflower! With bold golden colors and hardy nature they blend in harmony with the colors of autumn. Did you know sunflowers also symbolize loyalty, adoration and faith? The meaning and nature of sunflowers make it a popular option for the season and as you can see it's a perfect choice!


Sunflowers may take the main stage however spray roses, limonium, seeded eucalyptus and statice play an important role in the design. These tried and true accessories of wedding florals add depth and texture to create visually stunning bouquet. Colors of lavender, orange and cream complement bold golden yellow without becoming overwhelmed. The final effect is a celebration of the season and this special moment!


The celebration continues with mason jar magic happening with the centerpieces! Three large sunflowers plus a sprig of limonium plus a steady hand arranging them in a mason jar equals a cozy bouquet! We love the simplicity and visual impact of these table pieces. 


Speaking of visual impact, we won't forget to mention the sweet color combinations on the corsages and boutonnieres. Lovely lavender spray roses, yellow spray roses and violet statice highlight the complementary colors from the bridal bouquet. The final product is a fall themed flowers followed through from start to finish!

Have about thirty more seconds? Make sure to check out our video with more photos of these wedding flowers.

Have another minute or two? View our online wedding collection for inspiration!


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Steps to DIY Wedding Flowers at Gillespie Florists

Posted by Mon, Aug 14, 2017 @ 04:45 PM

DIY Wedding Flowers are popular for a myriad of reasons, lower cost, sense of accomplishment and bragging rights to name a few. We add a crucial component to the top of the list for DIY Brides at Gillespie Florists with our simple process from start to finish! Wedding Specialist Sarah Gillespie explains the steps to making the wedding DIYers big day the best it can be.


Initial Consult
Initial consult includes our wedding specialist free consultation meeting with the bride (and groom) to learn what their ideas are and determine whether the order with be a partial or full DIY. Partial DIY is most common (this is where the florist designs the more difficult aspect of the weddings such as the bridal bouquet, corsages, bounnieres, large arrangements, etc.) After this meeting, the florist will provide an estimate based on the discussion.


DIY Test
Bride (and groom) and florist meet to test out the designs to see how they translate from theory to practice. We'll try different options during the test to narrow down the final design(s). If necessary there will be a DIY Test II - to teach the designs to other "helpers" who were not part of the planning process. Typically these tests are four to six weeks before the wedding and everyone who plans to help at the Final DIY the week of the wedding should attend.


DIY Final
This occurs a day or two before the actual wedding. This is the final DIY appointment where actual arrangements are made. Once the DIY is complete, arrangements are packaged for pick-up/delivery and stored in our 500 sq ft cooler until the day of the wedding.


The process for DIY Wedding flowers with Gillespie Florists is streamlined with our brides in mind to help their wedding days as worry free as possible when it comes to flowers. Want to learn more about the DIY Weddings at Gillespie Florists? Give us a call at 317-273-1100 for more questions, browse our wedding collection for inspiration and schedule a free wedding consultation by clicking below!

Contact our Wedding Specialist!



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