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Prom King & Queen Contest 2017 at Gillespie Florists

Posted by Sat, Apr 29, 2017 @ 11:15 AM

Gillespie Florist Prom King and  Queen
Contest for 2017!
Calling all Prom Goers! It's that time again to get your pic skills on for Prom! How does it work? Check out the details below. On your mark, get your mobile devices ready, and GO!

Post a snapshot of you and another person wearing flowers from Gillespie Florists on our Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram and get the chance to be crowned the Gillespie Florists Prom King & Queen!

 Here's how it Works:

 ·          Take a snapshot of you and your date wearing Gillespie's Flowers.

·          Post it on our Wall or use #GFPROM2017 - make sure it’s a public post!

·          Tag your self in the photo as well as anyone else in the picture.

·          We'll put it in our "Prom King & Queen Contest Album 2017".

·          Ask your friends/family to "Like" your photo or post positive comments on your photo once it has
           been added to the album.

·          One week after the end of Prom Season, we will tally up the "Likes" and Comments and whoever has 
           the most WINS!

What do you get if you win?

The Queen will be crowned with a tiara and flowers and both King and Queen will be awarded a $25.00 Gift Card to Gillespie Florists!

And don't forget, Bragging Rights!

Contest ends May 17th, 2017. Winners will be announced on Facebook May 21st!


Post to our Social Media Pages!

Gillespie Florists Facebook Page

Twitter:    @gillespiefloris

Instagram:    gillespieflorists


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Gillespie Weddings - Unique and stylish boutonniere ideas

Posted by Sat, Mar 19, 2011 @ 03:55 PM

describe the image

Traditionally, wedding boutonnieres for the groom and his entourage are a single flower or some small flower combination that complements the rest of the wedding flowers. Untraditionally, only your imagination limits the options for boutonnieres for your groom and groomsmen---they can be anything.  If flowers aren't your guy's thing, think of some different ways you can create boutonnieres from alternative materials.

Depending on the season or location of your wedding, you can easily substitute the natural look of flower boutonnieres with another representation of nature. You can use mini acorns, feathers, a stick or small bundle of wheat, seashells and leaves to create an alternative boutonniere that fits the theme, location or season of your wedding.

Choose tie pins that coordinate with your wedding theme, or have tie pins monogrammed for the groom and each of his groomsmen. While the guys can wear the pins on their ties, they can just as easily adorn the slit of a tuxedo that is the reserved space for the boutonniere instead. You can also promote a cause that you, your groom or bridal party are especially passionate about by wearing a pin or button that stands for the cause.

describe the imageA new alternative to the traditional boutonniere has surfaced in the floral pocket square.  Flowers peeking out of your pocket? What a genius idea for an alternative wedding boutonniere!

Let us help you create something different for your special event.

Our wedding specialist is available to help you.  Click the button to contact us now.  

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