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Valentine's Day Bouquet Favorites

Posted by Fri, Jan 15, 2016 @ 02:48 PM


Show of hands! How many of you have already made plans for Valentine's Day? Anyone? Who plans in advance and who just wings it? Who among you isn't even sure what to do, what to get, etc?  This article is meant for everyone because what better way to express love than by adding flowers to the occasion!  It's not necessary but it definitely steps up your game a notch. think I'm joking? Check out this article about how flowers can have an impact on your day!
Sold yet? Then let me sell you on some bouquet ideas. Gillespie florists has a plethora of designs inline for your selection as well as in our store.  So many choices for you but don't get overwhelmed because I'm going to share my bouquet picks for this year. You can trust my choices as a person who loves receiving flowers of all kinds, for any occasion.



1. Sweet Annie

Maybe it's the name of the bouquet or the fact it is the most cheerful mixture of lavender and pink! Sweet Annie is overflowing with sweet lavender daisies, delightful pink alstroemeria lilies, fun dark pink carnations, and adorable waxflower. This bouquet is beyond darling and the corners of my mouth immediately raise because it's so darn sweet looking. It reminds me of springtime, young love, laughter, and sunshine. Looking for something light, relaxed, and fun? Sweet Annie is your go-to.








2. Orchids Renoir

Give your valentine a taste of the tropics with this new arrangement for 2016! Orchids Renoir is a modern design with a taste of the exotic with phalaenopsis orchid blooms. Three tea rose and waxflower blooms placed intermittently complete this work of art suspended in water gel beads! A subtle shade of pink decorative wire encircles the cylindrical vase for a striking finish. 








3. Te Amo

Say "I love You" with this breathetaking design which started out as a wedding bouquet translated into a vased arrangement. Between the vintage colors and the sophisticated blooms of hydrangea, roses, tea roses, and eucalyptus, this bouquet is a visual symphony which will make hearts sing. 








4. Starry Night

If you haven't noticed, I lean towards non-traditional Valentine bouquets; the ones which do not have half dozen to a dozen roses in them. I most certainly do adore roses, but love having a mixture of all kinds of flowers. Variety is the spice of life, and then some!  Here, however, is one particular rose arrangement which stopped my scrolling in its tracks. Starry Night with a stargazer lily artistically displayed amongst elegant and rich red roses. It is truly like there is a star bursting out of this arrangement with babies breath sprinkling in all directions. This eye-catching piece is an exquisite fusion of traditional and dazzling flair.





5. Add a little Extra

Let's talk about the extra mile, shall we? You're already there! Flowers are beyond romantic and timeless in their beauty and meaning. Want to go alittle further? Turn that mini to a full marathon? Have you ever sampled Moonstruck Chocolates? Move over, Godiva, there's a new kid in town. I dedicated an entire article to these superbly savory chocolates because they are just that good. Really. Really. Good. I had a box of four truffles...I was reluctant to share with the people I love the most but somehow I did. Barely...and it almost broke my heart when they were gone. Flowers and chocolate..they go hand in hand.  If you're in need of something with a lower calorie intake then try some plush love! Burn calories by hugging the stuffing out of these adorable creatures! Plush animals are for everyone. Young, young-at-heart and everyone in between; the soft fluffy huggy goodness is calling. 



Congratulations! You've made it through the top bouquet picks of Valentine's Day! We've gone from traditional to modern and a few in between to help you find the perfect bouquet to help celebrate and remember the crazy beautiful thing we call love.  Want more choices? Look no further than our complete Valentine's Day collection below!  

Valentine's Day Flowers

And don't forget Valentine's Day falls on Sunday this year so stop by our store and pick up fresh bouquets, stems of your favorite flowers and something extra!  Want to super surprise your valentine? Send flowers Friday, the 12th! Unexpected, gorgeous, and a fabulous way to start off a romantic weekend.


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