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Should You Paint Fresh Flowers?

Posted by Mon, Sep 24, 2012 @ 11:00 AM

Della Gillespie Mendenhall
I have customers asking me all the time “Can you spray paint my flowers?” I always tell them that it is possible but not my first choice. We will not tell a customer “No” just because of personal preference of fresh flowers to painted flowers; but we will offer different options and make sure they understand the service or product they are getting. 

Say for instance a customer wants a blue rose to give to their date. We can buy stem dyed blue roses; however it will take a week or so to get in because it's a special order. There are a few other options such as blue flowers like iris or hydrangea. If we have silk blue roses in stock we could offer those or to paint a white rose. If the customer decided to have the white rose painted, it's possible the rose may lose a day of it's life.  If the customer is ok with the rose losing a day of life then we will happily paint the rose!


The reason why we say roses may lose a day of life when they are painted is because in our experience the flowers we have painted have not lasted quite as long unpainted roses. We use Just For Flowers paint made by Design Master. Their website advertises that Just For Flowers can actually extend the life of the flower. Per their information, the paint slows down the evaporation of water from the flower petal which is how the life is extended. This could be true in a setting where the flower does not have access to water, like a corsage or bridal bouquet. Just For Flowers may help the flower look better for the evening of an event but it may be a different story if the expectation is flowers lasting for two weeks which is why we caution customers regarding longevity. 

With that said, there are a lot of benefits to use Just For Flowers spray. Because the spray is a translucent color, it will not cover up the beautiful details of your flower. Its a fast drying spray that can be recoated without any streaking or clumping of color. When spraying the flower it almost looks like the flower is soaking up the color rather than the color sitting on top of the flower. It can also be used on ribbon such as satin, lace or almost any fabric. 


Let’s get down to the brass tax. Do we suggest painting fresh flowers? Although I prefer flowers in their natural color and state, painting flowers can be beneficial under certain circumstances. If you want flowers in colors that are unavailable, asking your florist to use Just For Flowers spray is the best way to get the color you want on a fresh flower!

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