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What does Mrs. Gillespie get for Valentine's Day?

Posted by Thu, Feb 03, 2011 @ 01:50 PM

Della Gillespie-Mendenhall

Every year, all of us at Gillespie's enjoy seeing what Mr. G will come up with for his wife on Valentines Day.  No matter how busy we get, he takes time out of his schedule to make her the perfect bouquet.  Knowing that she has been surrounded by flowers for the past 36 years, we were wondering if she ever tires of receiving flowers for special occasions.  So, we asked her!

"The answer is an emphatic NO.  I always love getting flowers because they are an instant pick me up.  It brings unparalleled beauty and fragrance to where ever I place them.  It's like a little luxury just for me especially when he designs them himself.  On several occaisions, he has even brought home a loose assortment of flowers wrapped in tissue and then arranged them in one of my vases that I keep at home.  So, I absolutely love receiving flowers, every time!"

Mrs. Gillespie's Valentine's Day bouquet

What will Mrs. Gillespie's bouquet look like this year? I asked Mr. G if he would mind doing it up early for us. This is what he came up with!


He designed a beautiful arrangement just for her!  He started by filling a large clear glass vase with several different varieties of spring flowers that he knows she loves. Featuring an elegant pink Star Gazer Lily, snapdragons, tea roses, larkspur, heather and alstromeria, he always adds a few pastel roses that are her particular favorite.  This stunning bouquet stands over three feet tall and will fill the entire room with fragrance!

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