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New Prom Corsages at Gillespie Florists

Posted by Thu, Mar 24, 2016 @ 12:13 PM


We do not remember days; we remember moments. 

~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand



Ahh memories...those moments in time you will never forget. Prom Night is all about unforgettable moments whether they be romantic, comical, dramatic, amazing, fun, crazy, silly, catastrophic, and lastly, epic. However your dream Prom is remembered is completely up to you. How your evening begins? We have a menagerie of materials and florals to start this magical night with sparkle, shine, and all things divine.

Speaking of divine, our floral designers have been hard at work with fresh new creations for Prom Night 2016! Metallics, shimmer ribbons, glitter, rhinestones and all your favorite shiny decorations are back along with a generous element of texture. Popular prom dresses this season are simply smooth and chic which means it's time to accessorize your ensemble with a glamorous corsage! Latest trends are letting Nature take its' course with succulents and greenery in high demand. Think tropic and exotic with colorful orchids, feathers, and striking blue thistle. Even our boutonnieres are going above and beyond with makeovers to match their corsage counterparts. 


Are you feeling the "Wow" factor? Amazed? Have we taken your breath away? Just think! The above corsage collage is a minor sampling of everything Gillespie Florists has to offer for an extraordinary Prom Night!

Ready to get started on your dream corsage? Visit our Prom Night collection online for great ideas and come into our store to view our prom materials and supplies! Our knowledgable prom specialists can help with questions, colors and special requests. Prom season is here; get started now!



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Gillespie Weddings - Unique and stylish boutonniere ideas

Posted by Sat, Mar 19, 2011 @ 03:55 PM

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Traditionally, wedding boutonnieres for the groom and his entourage are a single flower or some small flower combination that complements the rest of the wedding flowers. Untraditionally, only your imagination limits the options for boutonnieres for your groom and groomsmen---they can be anything.  If flowers aren't your guy's thing, think of some different ways you can create boutonnieres from alternative materials.

Depending on the season or location of your wedding, you can easily substitute the natural look of flower boutonnieres with another representation of nature. You can use mini acorns, feathers, a stick or small bundle of wheat, seashells and leaves to create an alternative boutonniere that fits the theme, location or season of your wedding.

Choose tie pins that coordinate with your wedding theme, or have tie pins monogrammed for the groom and each of his groomsmen. While the guys can wear the pins on their ties, they can just as easily adorn the slit of a tuxedo that is the reserved space for the boutonniere instead. You can also promote a cause that you, your groom or bridal party are especially passionate about by wearing a pin or button that stands for the cause.

describe the imageA new alternative to the traditional boutonniere has surfaced in the floral pocket square.  Flowers peeking out of your pocket? What a genius idea for an alternative wedding boutonniere!

Let us help you create something different for your special event.

Our wedding specialist is available to help you.  Click the button to contact us now.  

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