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Prom Corsages for a Princess: Part One

Posted by Sat, May 09, 2015 @ 08:48 AM


Once upon a a land far, far, away by way of Danville, IN there lived a girl who LOVED Disney characters, especially a particular red-headed mermaid. Alas, back in those days of yore, Princess- inspired Prom dresses were scarce, as was the internet, and the girl lacking ample time to shop selected a short, puffy, navy dress and enjoyed the prom with her friends.  The End.

Oh but it's not the end! It's only the beginning as Princess-Inspired Prom dresses have been quite the trend as of late. After viewing a superfluous amounts of fairy godmother turned fashion designer threads I decided to select a few of my favorite Disney ladies and pair a corsage with their perfect prom dress. Let us start with the frantic cleaning girl who started it all.

promprincess_Cinderella1. Cinderella

The one who started it all. A fairy tale come true complete with a mouse-driven pumpkin carriage and famous glass slipper which changed a girl's story into a "Happily Ever After". The story is timeless, the dress is classic ball gown style with off the shoulder bodice trimmed with tulle ruffles and butterfly accents. The two-tone tulle skirt has sparkling sequins throughout to create extra enchantment. It was difficult to choose the perfect corsage for this leading lady but it seemed fitting to use our "Frosted Butterfly" which our designers created this season. Fascinating how it seems this corsage was made for this dress...or is it? Perhaps it was meant to be.



promprincess_Belle2. Belle:

While we're on the subject of ball gowns, dancing, and dreamy princes...well wait, not in this case. The Beast wasn't easy on the eyes at first because he behaved like a monster. But remember when Mrs. Potts voiced by Angela Lansbury starts belting out "Beauty and the Beast"? By that time the hairy beast was acting more like a prince and he looked quite charming in his blue jacket.

Yellow ball gowns are a challenging color so this Beauty inspired piece has been upgraded to a warmer gold. The structured bodice with ruching and the gathered skirt is an elegant modern twist on Belle's original dress. I matched the Three Sweet Heart Rose corsage with the roses in a soft, sweet peach. The pearl bracelet sports shimmery gold leaves and sheer gold ribbons and accent beading. "Tale as old as time" with updated colors for a glamorous finish.


promprincess_Mulan 3. Mulan:

"Hold the phone! Mulan isn't a princess!" You're right, she's not however I love her character. She is a fierce, unstoppable woman warrior. What a role model! Oddly enough, there weren't many dresses which I felt truly depicted Mulan's character so I went ahead and chose a stunning long one shoulder red dress with delicate beaded accents. Simple and refined with an edge. The "Leilani" corsage reflects the edginess of the dress with unique sparkling red accents, dendrobium orchids, silver leaves, and red feathers. Red is the key to this bold arrangement. A perfect fit for Mulan.


 Like what you're reading so far? Read more about this princess inspired prom dress trend with matching corsages in Part Two of this series!


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