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Meet Our Gillespie Florists Mascots

Posted by Thu, Aug 18, 2016 @ 11:14 AM

Raw_badgetag-01-1.png"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."
— Colette

Our customers find more than flowers when they visit our store! We have delightful dogs who bring smiles and chuckles whenever they are in the building. If you haven't met them in person, plan a visit to meet one (or more) of our beloved mascots. Till then take a moment to learn more about our furry friends who frequent the store, ask for belly rubs, ear scritches and all the love and hugs they can get. 

***SPECIAL NOTE****If you would prefer to have your shopping experience mascot free,
call us at 317.273.1100 and we will have our furry friends take a break in the back.

Meet Minnie Pearl


Minnie Pearl (often referred to as Minnie) is our newest English Bull addition to the Gillespie Florist Family!
She has been learning the ropes from her big sister Evie. Minnie is super playful and very sweet. She enjoys spending lots of time with Mom and Dad, walking, exploring and playing with family.



Evie has been with us a few years and learned the ins and outs of being a perfect mascot under the constant tutelage of big sister Pearl. Evie is also one for adventure. She is very courageous and very gentle. Before Evie joined the family we invited our friends and fans to vote on her name. It was a very exciting experience with so many excellent names from which to choose. We are happy Evie was the most popular vote, we can't imagine calling her anything else.



Next up is the super cute Sawyer! Half Yorkie, half Pekingese/Dachshund and 100% Princess! Sawyer may be a diva but we don't mind, her superpower is looking ADORABLE all the time. She can often be found snoozing on top of desks, under feet or following her second favorite human (Sarah) around the store. Sawyer may be small but her personality is mighty. She gives Minnie and Evie and run for their money and often stops everyone in their tracks due to her charm.


Tula, Juno and Bose

furbabyfridaytulaNext up are a few Great Danes who often ride with Pat while he takes deliveries. Tula is the youngest of the bunch. She is very playful and loves to lean in for back pats. Juno is the eldest and loves to shake hands. Bose is a most handsome boy and loves to keep Susan company at home. While at the store these gentle giants spend most of their time in Pat's van or resting outside in the sunshine. This terrific trio does not often visit but when they do, rest assured they're here to help Pat get back on the road so he can treat them to dinner on the way home.



Pictured: Tula with Pat
Pictured Below: Juno with the bespeckled Bose 




We have more furry friends to introduce. Be sure to check our social media pages for Furbaby Fridays, when we share updates on the entire crew!

Miss out seeing Minnie and Evie on your last visit? We've got links for you follow them and their family adventures below!

Evie and Minnie Pearl on Twitter at Bulldog Evie & Minnie Pearl

***SPECIAL NOTE****If you would prefer to have your shopping experience mascot free, call us at 317.273.1100 and we will have our furry friends take a break in the back.


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