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Why are Valentine's Day Roses more Expensive?

Posted by Mon, Jan 24, 2011 @ 04:12 PM

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Red Rose for Valentine's Day in Indianapolis

Growers Cut Back Crop for Valentine's Day.

The growing period for a rose is 60 days from a rose bush.  In order for the grower to have sufficient quantity to meet the high demand on Valentines Day, during the month of december, they must cut back production of their current crop of roses by cutting them early.  That means that the growers must throw away a potential good crop to have more room available for the roses on Valentines day.  Growers only have a limited amount of space and the fact that they are dealing with a perishable product, makes it impossible to stockpile.  Winter and shortened daylight hours also plays a factor in the added expense of heating.
 The grower sets the price for the roses- which is higher due to the dumping of the crops in december- and the additional cost gets passed through each market level.  From the grower, the wholesaler, the florist and finally to the customer. 

What you can do about it.

Just because rose prices are higher at Valentine's Day doesn't mean that all flowers are more expensive.  Keep your cost down by asking your local florist to create you an arrangement without roses.  A clear glass vase with mixed garden flowers will be fragrant and beautiful!  You will still be conveying the important message "Be my Valentine".
Check under the sink at home- do you have a vase?  Great!  You can save even more money by stopping in the store and picking up wrapped flowers then designing them in your own vase!

What's the deal with Grocery stores?

Why are grocery store flowers less expensive?  Chains stores buy in volume, which might result in lower prices.  Also, They usually provide a shorter stem rose that is cut earlier than long stem roses.  Shorter roses mean less growing time, which equals less cost.  Grocery stores do not always implement the same design and quality principles as that of a traditional full service florist, which can also reduce labor and overall cost.
Don't forget Valentine's Day is February 14!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day! 
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