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Flowers! Just Because...

Posted by Sat, Aug 29, 2020 @ 02:15 PM

kprofile_Badge-01-01Pop Quiz!  When is the best time to give and receive flowers?
Birthdays? Anniversaries? 

The best time, in fact, is any time.
Why? Because. Just Because.




Because "I'm thinking of you; you're fantastic; feeling lucky to have you in my life; It's Monday; It's a day of the week ending in "day"; dinner last night was amazing; can't wait to hang out with you this weekend; you've had a hard day, a frustrating day, the best day ever, the most exciting day, or maybe just an ordinary day; there were these flowers and I knew they needed to be in your hands; I love making you smile; the kids decided your favorite color today was the lavender in these lilacs...the list goes on and on and on!






Get where we're going with this?  If you're not convinced yet, here's my personal testimony. I love getting flowers. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc, name the event and I will super appreciate having gorgeous blooms to celebrate the occasion. But what if there is no occasion and it's just another day? I'm just going about my day and I turn around and there are flowers being given to me. For no other reason than "just because" someone was thinking of me. I didn't do anything special. Didn't complete a 5k or win an award for "Mom of the Year". 

It's "just because" I'm me. It's a thoughtful gesture. An act of kindness. An unexpected gift which always makes my day brighter and adds extra smile wrinkles to my face. Which is good. We all need more smiles.




"Random flowers! What's that going to cost me, an arm and a leg?" you ask? Few stems of daisies or maybe some alstroemeria and we're set!  For the price of a grande fancy coffee which may last a couple of hours; there could be a container of refreshing floral delight for days. But don't take it from me! Go out there and ask your friends! It's a great topic of discussion and the answers may be surprising when you start asking "Why?". I did and had a broad range of responses but the top one with a strong lead was Just Because.  

Flowers are appreciated all the time; for many occasions. But it doesn't mean you have to wait for something special to share some love through the beauty of flowers. So get out there, pick up a sunshine bouquet; a single rose; a basket overflowing with daisies or whatever suits your fancy and make TODAY a special occasion. Just because.

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