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Favorite Roses for Weddings

Posted by Wed, Jul 22, 2015 @ 02:30 PM



Roses are red, lavender, pale pink, 
peach and even blue; 
which one, do tell, is the perfect 
wedding rose for you?


Indeed, which rose is the perfect rose for your big day? Over 150 species exist in the world and granted far less to choose from at the florist but still! How to narrow down the choices? There is always the option to hop on Pinterest and spend hours upon hours checking out what others have researched...possibly pin over 100 great ideas for your wedding while you're at it. OR perhaps we could save a bit of time, call a local florist and and set up an appointment. If you're searching in in the Indianapolis area; you'll want to dial 317.273.1100 and ask for our (er) their wedding specialist.

What roses are trending for weddings at Gillespie Florists? Which ones are our go-to ones? We're here to fill you in right now and narrow down the choices! Let's start with Tiffany.


tiffany_smaller1. Tiffany

Hailing from Ecuador, we use the barely kissed peach of Tiffany. This rose is very pale peach with the slightest hint of pink.  The color is solid through the bloom although each bloom may vary from pale to alittle brighter peach. The rose shape stays tight and does not open into a wide bloom. Added bonus: the stems have almost no thorns and leaves are simple to remove. 

Tiffany is a prime choice for popular trend of nude-fashion weddings (read more about this trend here!)





2. David Austin Juliet

Indicative a soft blush; the color of soft peach is one of demureness, innocence, and reserve. The David Austin Garden Rose is an excellent example of these attributes.

Grown in Ecuador as well, this rose is the perfect pale peach and blooms into a lovely garden rose shape. Soft, romantic petals give an air of ethereal beauty. 

Please note: Handle with Care! The stems are delicate and outer petals tear easily. The vase life is a bit shorter than Tiffany but still one of our favorite roses for their color and shape.





mondial_small3. Mondial White

Elegant white roses go hand in hand with weddings as they symbolize marriage, new beginnings, and spirituality.

A very popular choice for white roses among florists is the Mondial White. This rose, although labeled "white" has the creamiest color in its numerous petals. The exquisite shape and texture of the petals coupled with long stems and large blooming head make Mondial White a preferred rose for large arrangements and centerpieces.






ohararose4. O'Hara Pink Garden Rose

Soft pink roses symbolize joy, gentleness and grace. This particular garden rose grown in France has 4 hearts in the center is the very definition of grace and gentleness.

The O'Hara Pink is very fragrant and opens to a full bloom of delicate, ruffled petals. It's creamy pink color is a perfect bridal pink.  With a long vase life and intricate texture; these aromatic garden roses will work wonders in a bridal bouquet, centerpiece, and more. 






oceansong_small5. Ocean Song 

Was it love at first sight? Enchantment? Lavender roses symbolize the magic of true love.

Ocean Song from Ecuador emulates the moment with large whimsical blooms. These roses have a moderate opening speed and petals perfectly touched with just the right amount of creamy lavender with an antique flair. Ocean Song blends well with other colors. The soft lavender is striking and consistent throughout the petals. Showcase them as the main color or with white for an extremely eye-catching look.



Congratulations! You made it through our top five choices for roses in weddings! It's difficult to narrow down favorites when there are a plethera of options. However, through experience, time and trends these gorgeous blooms top the charts in our books. Interested in using roses for your wedding? Need help trimming down the vast selection of flowers to fit into your budget? Give us a call and schedule an appointment with our wedding specialist!

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