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New Webkinz - Just in Time for Halloween!

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Webkinz Bat Avon, INWe just got in a shipment of Webkinz just in time for Halloween! With Halloween coming in just a few weeks, the Bat Webkinz and Pumpkin Costume will come in very handy! Check out our latest list!webkinzpumpkinoutfit

New Webkinz:

Bat & Pink Punch Cheeky Dog

Webkinz Clothes:

Pumpkin Costume

Lil’ Webkinz:

Lion, Hippo, Chihuahua, Pug & Bulldog

The following list is not new this month but is our current inventory.


Zip, Zane, Zami, Zoro & Zuzu

Bat Webkinz flowersWebkinz:

Brilliant Bandit, Harmony Puppy, Pink Pony, Peace Unicorn, Lynx, Splash Dragon, Cow, Bush Baby, Reindeer, Gobbler Turkey, Bengal Tiger, Pig, Brown Arabian, Stegosaurus, Portuguese Water Dog, Easter Rabbit & Kinz Clip Combo, Leopard, Himalayan, Koala, Schnauzer, Frog, Golden Retriever, Tawny Pup, Black Bear, Cocker Spaniel, White Poodle, Bullfrog, Cheeky Monkey, Clydesdale Horse, Skunk, Seal, Snowman, Polar Bear, Pink Googles, Angora Bunny, Fleecy Sheep, Ribbon Lion, Spotty Dinosaur, Chi Chi Chihuahua, Tree Kangaroo & Strawberry Cow

Webkinz Signature:

Orange Cat, Tuxedo Cat & Lamb

Webkinz Signature, Endangered Species Edition:

Polar Bear & Red Wolf

Webkinz Jr.

Mouse Jr.


Golden Retriever, Oriole, ChickadeeBird Webkinz bouquet

Webkinz Clothes:

Tuxedo, Chalk Flower Top, Cupcake Tee With Skirt, Smart Sweater Vest, Green Layered Tee, Kaleidoscope Skirt Set, Glam Girl Coat, Snowboarding Jacket, Sailor Tunic, Mod Jacket, Pink Striped Swimsuit, Black Vest, Back Jeans, Green & Fleecy, Cheerleader Outfit & Wedding Dress!

Mazin' Hamsters: 


We suggest you call ahead to ensure that the Webkinz toy you are looking for is available! Call us at 317-273-2066. 

Gillespie Florists is located near Avon, IN. Our address is:

9255 W. 10th St. 

Indianapolis, IN 46234

Don’t have time to stop by? Check out our selection of Webkinz bouquets! We’ll be happy to deliver Webkinz flowers to someone special! Click Below!


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